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Sustainability Management

Balancing the Environment, Equity & Economy




Sustainability has become an increasingly important topic in recent years, as people around the world have come to recognize the need to protect our planet and its natural resources for future generations. Simply put, Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. When making use of resources, we should contemplate long-term goals and the consequences of reaching those goals. The goal in developing sustainable business practices is to create strategies that preserve the long-term viability of People, Planet and Profit. 

At this critical time where society is becoming more aware of their impact on the environment, their collective movement toward a sustainable future is leading to huge changes in the corporate landscape. Leading conglomerates such as Nike, Toyota and Siemens are demonstrating that sustainable innovation is a key priority in their business models, paving the way for other companies to commit.

In this Sustainability Management PPT training presentation, you will learn the key concepts, principles and practices of sustainability management that can be implemented across all cities, industries, companies and individual consumers. It serves as a useful tool for creating awareness and educating employees on the importance and practice of sustainability.

Learning Objectives

  1. Acquire knowledge on the key concepts and definitions of Sustainability Management

  2. Describe the principles, practices and measures of Sustainability Management

  3. Understand the pros and cons and the critical success factors of Sustainability Management


1. Introduction and Key Concepts

  • Projected Growth In Population & Resource Demand by 2050

  • Some Facts About Sustainability

  • Mindset Of A Non-sustainability Thinker

  • What Is Sustainability

  • Sustainability Is Not Greenwashing

  • Definitions Of Sustainability

  • Three Pillars Of Sustainability - People, Planet & Profit

  • Interrelationships Between The Pillars

  • What Is A Sustainable Business?

  • Why Is Sustainability Important?

  • Examples Of Sustainability In Business

  • Examples Of Sustainable Development

  • Examples Of Sustainability In Business Corporations

2. Principles and Practices

  • Five Core Principles Of Sustainability

  • Ten Principles Of Sustainable Development

  • U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • U.N. Compact's 10 Principles & 17 Sustainable Development Goals

  • ISM Principles Of Sustainability & Social Responsibility

  • Sustainability Principles For Projects

  • ISO Standards Contribute Directly To The U.N. SDGs 

  • Lean Thinking Approach & Sustainability

  • Design Thinking Approach & Sustainability

  • Sustainability Needs To Go Beyond Promises To Business Processes

  • The Shared Value Opportunity

  • How To Create A More Sustainable Business Strategy

  • What Does A Sustainability Manager Do?

  • Five Types Of Renewable Energy Sources For Sustainable Development

  • How To Have A Sustainable Supply Chain

  • Spotlight On Supply Chain

  • Easy Changes To Live Sustainably Every Day

3. Measures and Reporting

  • What Is The Triple Bottom Line (TBL)?

  • Why is the TBL Important?

  • What Is ESG?

  • What Are The Key ESG Issues?

  • Examples Of Economic Measures

  • Examples Of Environmental Measures

  • Examples Of Social Measures

  • Challenges Of The Triple Bottom Line

  • Common Corporate Sustainability Frameworks for Sustainability Reporting: GRI, CDP & SASB

  • Measurement & Improvement Targets For Greenhouse Gas Emissions

4. From One Earth to One World

  • The Spectrum Of Sustainability

  • Advantages Of Business Sustainability

  • Disadvantages Of Business Sustainability

  • Sustainability & Change Management

  • It Is Never Too Late To Build A Culture Of Sustainability

  • Incorporating Sustainable Practices Into Business Systems & Processes

  • Critical Success Factors For Sustainable Cities

  • Critical Success Factors For Businesses

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