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ISO 31000:2018 (Risk Management) Awareness Training


ISO 31000:2018 is an internationally recognized standard that helps organizations implement a robust Risk Management System. Risks can arise from anything that generates uncertainty related to an organization’s objectives or deviates from the expected, including opportunities to be gained. In today's world, it is essential to consider risks related to reputation, political changes, climate change impacts, cyber incidents, business interruption, pandemic outbreaks, market developments, and the shortage of skilled workers.

The ISO 31000 standard helps organizations develop a risk management strategy to effectively identify and mitigate risks, thereby increasing the likelihood of achieving their objectives and protecting their assets. Its goal is to create a risk management culture where employees and stakeholders are aware of the importance of monitoring and managing risk.

In ISO 31000, "risk" is defined as the effect of uncertainty on objectives. All organizations face risk every day and must take risks to pursue commercial objectives. Therefore, it is essential to raise awareness that everyone must manage risk as part of their working and personal lives.

The ISO 31000 standard consists of three pillars: Principles, Framework, and Process. The principles are required elements of effective and efficient risk management. The framework assists in integrating risk management into the activities and functions of the organization. The process is an integral part of the management, structure, operations, and processes (activities) of the organization.

This ISO 31000 (Risk Management) awareness PPT training presentation can be used to brief employees, stakeholders, and project teams, creating awareness of risk management best practices. The presentation can also serve as a useful outline to help organizations create a risk management plan. By implementing the ISO 31000 standard, organizations can enhance their risk management practices, protect their assets, and increase the likelihood of achieving their objectives.

Note: This training package includes:

1. ISO 31000:2018 PPT training presentation (PowerPoint format)

2. Risk Register template (Excel format)

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the concept of risk as the uncertainty on objectives.

  2. Understand risk management principles, framework and process in the context of a Risk Management System.

  3. Appreciate the value of ISO 31000 as the benchmark for best practice in managing risk.



1. Introduction & Key Concepts of ISO 31000

  • About ISO

  • ISO Standards Contribute Directly to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • What are Standards?

  • What Standards are Not

  • Why are Standards Important?

  • What is an ISO Standard?

  • What is ISO 31000?

  • The ISO 31000 Family

  • Scope of ISO 31000

  • Key Focus of ISO 31000

  • Objectives of ISO 31000

  • What is "Risk"?

  • Examples of Risks

  • Definition of "Risk"

  • Why Do We Need to Be Aware of Risk?

  • What Do We Know About Risk Management?

  • You Manage Risks When You...

  • Definition of "Risk Management"

  • Benefits of Adopting ISO 31000 Standard

  • Why was ISO 31000 Revised?

  • What are the Main Differences?

  • How do I Apply ISO 31000?

  • How do I Get Started?


2. The Three Pillars of ISO 31000

  • The Three Pillars of ISO 31000

  • Risk Management Principles

  • Risk Management Framework

  • Components of the Risk Management Framework

  • Risk Management Process

  • Risk Assessment

  • Risk Identification

  • Risk Analysis

  • Risk Evaluation

  • Risk Treatment

  • ISO 31000 Key Clause Structure (4-6)

  • ISO 31000 and Project Management

  • Your Risk Management Checklist

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