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ISO 37000:2021 (Governance of Organizations) Awareness


Governance is the backbone of every successful organization, guiding decisions and actions towards excellence and ethical leadership. However, without a clear framework and guidelines, organizations may struggle to establish effective governance systems. Enter ISO 37000:2021, the global benchmark for good organizational governance.

This ISO 37000 Awareness PPT training presentation provides a comprehensive overview of the ISO 37000 standard, offering clear guidance on key principles and practices for good governance. Whether you're a multinational corporation or a small business, integrating ISO 37000 principles into your governance framework can lead to improved stakeholder value, better resource stewardship, and enhanced decision-making effectiveness.

This presentation covers everything you need to know about ISO 37000, from understanding the standard to implementing it into your existing governance frameworks. With insights into best practices, challenges, and how to overcome them, our presentation equips you with the knowledge and tools to unlock the full potential of your organization's governance.

Unlock effective organizational governance with ISO 37000:2021! Embrace transparency, reduce complexity, and build trust with a governance framework aligned with international standards. Let ISO 37000 guide you to value generation and sustainable success.



Learning Objectives


  1. Understand the governance framework outlined in ISO 37000 and its importance in organizational governance.

  2. Identify the key principles of ISO 37000 and their application in guiding governing bodies and governing groups.

  3. Learn to implement ISO 37000 effectively, apply best practices, and overcome implementation challenges.




1. Overview of ISO 37000

  • What is an International Standard?

  • The Power of ISO Standards: Driving Excellence Globally

  • Objective of ISO International Standards

  • Why are International Standards Important?

  • Why an ISO International Standard?

  • ISO Standards Contribute Directly to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • Is Organizational Governance Just a Buzzword?

  • Breaking the Mold: Shifting Governance Mindsets and Thinking

  • Introduction to ISO 37000

  • Governance Gone Wrong: Notorious Cases of Organizational Mismanagement

  • Transparency International Corruption Perception Index 2023

  • Building Strong Foundations: ISO 37000's Role in Governance and Sustainable Development

  • Understanding ISO 37000: Beyond Traditional Corporate Governance

  • Building a Strong Foundation: The Core and Complementary Standards of Governance

  • Governance for 21st Century

  • Value Created by Good Governance

  • Unlocking Value: Market Recognition of Intangible Assets with ISO 37000

  • Key Objectives of ISO 37000

  • Scope of ISO 37000

  • Working with National Codes and Standards

  • Comparing Governance Landscapes: ISO 37000 vs. Corporate Governance

  • Advantages and Benefits of ISO 37000

  • Definition of "Governance of Organizations"

  • Purpose of ISO 37000

  • Structure of the ISO 37000 Standard

  • The ISO 37000 Governance Framework

2. Principles of ISO 37000

  • ISO 37000 Principles in a Nutshell

  • The Primary and Foundational Principles

    • Principle 1: Purpose

    • Principle 2: Value Generation

    • Principle 3: Strategy

    • Principle 4: Accountability

    • Principle 5: Oversight

  • ISO 37000 Key Roles in Organizational Oversight

  • Integrated Governance

  • The Governing Body

  • The Oversight System - Checks and Balances

  • The Enabling Principles

    • Principle 6: Stakeholder Engagement

    • Principle 7: Leadership

    • Principle 8: Data and Decisions

    • Principle 9: Risk Governance

    • Principle 10: Social Responsibility

    • Principle 11: Viability and Performance Over Time

  • Key Takeaways: Principles of ISO 37000

  • The Governance Outcomes

  • Driving Excellence: The Pillars of Effective Governance

    • Effective Performance

    • Ethical Behavior

    • Responsible Stewardship

3. Implementation of ISO 37000

  • Overview of ISO 37000 Implementation Process

  • Steps to Integrate ISO 37000 into Existing Governance Frameworks

  • Best Practices for Successful Implementation

  • Challenges and How to Overcome Them


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