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Value Stream Mapping 


Streamline, visualize, optimize.

Transforming Processes, Empowering Performance

What is Value Stream Mapping?

Many organizations today suffer from silo-centric behavior and intra-organizational conflict. Yet, most do not understand what's holding them back from achieving outstanding performance.

Value stream mapping is a powerful and proven approach to help you visualize and resolve disconnects, redundancies, and gaps in your value delivery system. More than simply a tool to eliminate operational waste, value stream mapping is a highly effective means to transform leadership thinking, define strategy and priorities, and create customer-centric workflow.


After analyzing and identifying where the waste are, you can develop and implement future state maps that enable outstanding performance and continued improvement. 

The value stream mapping technique can be applied to both manufacturing and service-based organizations.

Value stream mapping exposes waste and bottlenecks in your processes


Producing more than what the customer needs.


Employees waiting for another process, equipment or person.


Extra physical/mental motion that does not add value.


Moving raw materials or documents or traveling from one place to another.


Building or storing extra products that the customer has not ordered. 


Scrap, rework, data errors or missing information in documents.


Adding extra value when the customer does not require it.


Not using employees full intellectual contribution.

Learn how to create current state and future state value stream maps and identify opportunities to achieve the future state that have the greatest impacts on the business and customer value.

Highlights of our VSM Workshops & Activities

TWI training in Vietnam by Operational Excellence Consulting

Senior executives and managers simulating a process flow to visualize waste and bottlenecks.

TWI training in Philippines by Operational Excellence Consulting

Waste identification workshop in a government agency.

TWI training in Cambodia by Operational Excellence Consulting

VSM project in a semiconductor company exposed US$1 million cost savings opportunity.

VSM project for a logistics company resulted in US$2 million annual savings.

Value Stream Mapping and Opportunity Assessment

Our consultants can help you to create current state and future state value stream maps, and identify opportunities to achieve the future state that have the greatest impacts on the business as well as customer value.​

We can facilitate your organization to become leaner and faster through the proper application of value stream mapping technique and tools.  Our services include:

  • Enabling your project teams on value stream mapping principles, concepts, method and tools

  • Creating a value stream map for both the current and future states

  • Developing and implementing a data collection plan for the value stream map

  • Conducting end-to-end assessment of value-added versus non-value-added activities

  • Scoping opportunities by framing project problem statements based on identified waste

  • Prioritizing improvement projects based on strategic objectives

  • Developing an action plan to achieve the future state


"Learnt in-depth about VSM and lean culture. The lean culture is a good culture to inject into the normal daily work."​


Assembly Department,

Micron Semiconductor Asia Pte Ltd

Get started with Value Stream Mapping

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