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Who we are

Operational Excellence Consulting is a management training and consulting firm dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness and productivity of individuals and organizations.  

What we do

We firmly believe that achieving operational excellence goes beyond the mere application of tools; it necessitates the seamless integration of customer experience, people, processes, technology, and continuous improvement initiatives tailored to meet the distinct needs and contexts of our valued clients.


Established in Singapore in 2009, our organization is founded on the resounding mission of "helping individuals and organizations become more effective and productive using design thinking and lean management approaches." We wholeheartedly embrace this mission and dedicate ourselves to aiding our clients in designing, managing, and executing transformative and enduring changes.

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Whom we serve

Operational Excellence Consulting proudly serves an array of industries, encompassing manufacturing, engineering, technology, printing, media, aerospace, defense, financial services and insurance, education, retail, and oil and gas. Our clients hail from various backgrounds, including government bodies, multinational corporations, and small and medium-sized enterprises, who place their trust in our ability to provide customized solutions that address their specific needs and challenges. In every endeavor, we stand ready to provide our clients with unwavering support and a personalized approach to elevate their potential and drive their success.

What we focus

Our dedicated team specializes in delivering corporate learning programs and management advisory services that are meticulously designed to catapult businesses toward remarkable performance and effectiveness. We recognize that the key to success is not only in identifying areas for improvement but also in executing changes that leave a lasting positive impact.

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