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Value Proposition Canvas


The Value Proposition Canvas is a tool developed by Alex Osterwalder at Strategyzer which can be applied to understand your customers’ needs, and design products and services they want.


Understanding your value proposition for each customer segment is a fundamental part of a customer-centric organization and the first step in beginning a customer-centricity initiative.


The Value Proposition Canvas


The Value Proposition Canvas consists of two key components that are used to invent and improve value propositions. The first component, the Customer Profile, is a useful tool to gather insights of customers’ jobs, pains and gains. The second component, the Value Proposition Map, is used to define products and services to alleviate extreme pains and create essential gains that customers care about.

As a visual tool, the Value Proposition Canvas serves as a shared language and can be integrated into your business model to improve customer satisfaction and drive growth. 

You can use this Value Proposition Canvas PPT presentation to run a half-day or one-day workshop to facilitate participants to improve existing value propositions or develop new ones. 


​Note: This training package includes:

1.  Value Proposition Canvas PPT training presentation (PowerPoint format, in 16:9 widescreen)

2.  Value Proposition Canvas templates (PowerPoint format)

3.  Value Proposition Canvas poster (PDF format, in color and monochrome, printable in A3 size)


Learning Objectives


1. Acquire knowledge of the Value Proposition Canvas to create value that customers want.

2. Apply the Value Proposition Canvas to invent and improve value propositions based on specific customer segments.

3. Apply the Customer Profile tool to gather insights of customers' jobs, pains and gains.

4. Apply the Value Map tool to alleviate extreme pains and create essential gains that customers care about.

5. Put the Value Proposition Canvas to work to create a shared language of value creation.




​1. Introduction
•  What is Value Proposition?
•  What is a Value Proposition Canvas?
•  Benefits of Using a Value Proposition Canvas

2. Basics of Design Thinking
•  Principles of Design Thinking
•  5 Phases of Design Thinking

3. Value Proposition Design Process
•  Value Proposition Design Process
•  An Integrated Suite of Tools
•  Online Strategyzer Tools

4. Value Proposition Canvas
•  Framework of the Value Proposition Canvas
•  Examples – Tesla, Toyota, Adidas & Home Dialysis Machine

5. Customer Profile
•  Customer Segment Profile
•  Customer Jobs
•  Customer Pains
•  Customer Gains
•  Steps to Create an Actionable Customer Profile

6. Value Map
•  Value (Proposition) Map
•  Products & Services
•  Pain Relievers
•  Gain Creators
•  Steps to Create a Value Map

7. Fit
: Aligning Customer Needs and Value
•  Fit Overview
•  Test Your Assumptions with the Customer
•  Find the Best Fit

8. Best Practices
•  Common Mapping Mistakes – Customer Profile
•  Common Mapping Mistakes – Value Map
•  Critical Success Factors

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The Value Proposition Canvas.
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