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PPT: Hoshin Kanri Training Presentation
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Hoshin Kanri



Hoshin Kanri, often referred to as Hoshin Planning or Policy Deployment, stands as a potent strategy deployment methodology that has been embraced by some of the world's most successful companies, including Toyota, Komatsu, Danaher, and others. It offers a systematic and integrated approach to realizing long-range key entity objectives, which are characterized by their audacious nature, spanning a strategic horizon of 3-5 years with minimal deviation.

At its core, Hoshin Kanri embodies a dual approach that is instrumental to its effectiveness. Firstly, it centers on defining and pursuing these long-term objectives diligently. These objectives serve as guiding stars for the organization, aligning every effort towards their realization. Secondly, and equally crucial, the Hoshin Kanri process doesn't lose sight of the essential day-to-day business measures required for the organization's ongoing success. This approach ensures that the organization not only strives for the future but also continuously improves its key business processes in real-time.



















The Four Phases of Hoshin Planning


This Hoshin Kanri PPT training presentation seeks to provide a comprehensive understanding of this strategic methodology. Participants will learn how to communicate goals effectively, align them with the organization's overarching vision, deploy breakthrough objectives that foster cross-functional collaboration, and establish a structured review process to ensure the successful realization of strategic goals.

With the discipline of Hoshin Kanri in place, organizations can expect to reap several tangible benefits:

  • Focus on Vital Goals: Hoshin Kanri directs the entire company's attention towards a select few vital goals, avoiding the dispersion of efforts on numerous trivial objectives.

  • Alignment Towards Breakthroughs: Through involving the entire management team in the planning process, Hoshin Kanri creates alignment towards breakthrough objectives.

  • Effective Communication: It ensures that key goals are communicated clearly to all managers and staff, fostering a shared understanding of the organization's strategic direction.

  • Cross-Functional Cooperation: Hoshin Kanri integrates and encourages cross-functional cooperation, promoting collaboration across various departments to achieve breakthroughs.

  • Accountability: A structured review process holds participants accountable for achieving their part of the plan, enhancing responsibility and commitment to goal attainment.

Note: This training package includes:

1. Hoshin Kanri PPT training presentation (PowerPoint format, 16:9 format)

2. Hoshin Kanri PPT training presentation (PowerPoint format, 4:3 standard format) - FREE

3. Hoshin Kanri templates (Excel format):

  • X-Matrix

  • Alignment & Deployment Chart

  • Management Control Chart

  • Daily Management Matrix

  • Hoshin Action Plan

  • Hoshin Review Table

  • A3 Hoshin Deployment Template (simplified version)

  • A3 Hoshin Deployment Template (full version)

4. Hoshin Planning Poster (PDF format, in monochrome and color, printable in A3/A4 size paper)​



Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the key concepts and principles of Hoshin Kanri 

  2. Describe the Hoshin Kanri approach to planning, deployment and review process for managed change

  3. Define the Hoshin Kanri process and tools

  4. Gain practical knowledge and skills in planning and deploying Hoshin Kanri in the organization



1. Key Concepts & Principles of Hoshin Kanri

  • Symptoms that your Organization Needs to do Hoshin Planning

  • Weaknesses of Conventional Planning

  • Hoshin Planning at Toyota

  • Three Limitations of Standard Strategic Planning

  • What is Hoshin Kanri?

  • Definition of Hoshin Kanri

  • Purpose of Hoshin Kanri

  • Benefits of Hoshin Kanri

  • Hoshin Kanri Model

  • Hoshin Deployment

  • Linkages of Hoshin Kanri, Balanced Scorecard & MBO

  • Comparison of Hoshin Kanri with MBO

  • Breakthrough & Control

  • Three Key Underlying Principles of Hoshin Kanri

  • Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Cycle

  • Pareto Principle (80/20 Rue)

  • Cause-and-Effect Relationship


2. Hoshin Kanri Process & Tools

  • Review of Strategic Planning Process

  • Hoshin Kanri Cascade

  • Hoshin Kanri Incorporating the Balanced Scorecard

  • Four Key Phases of Hoshin Planning

  • Phase 1: Hoshin Generation

  • Phase 2: Hoshin Deployment

  • Phase 3: Hoshin Implementation

  • Phase 4: Hoshin Evaluation

  • X-Matrix

  • Common Hoshin Kanri Tools

  • Alignment & Deployment Chart

  • Daily Management Matrix

  • Management Control Chart

  • A3 Hoshin Deployment


3. Hoshin Kanri Deployment & Management Reviews

  • Types of Hoshin Kanri

  • Performance Measurements

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Improvement Hoshin

  • Daily Management

  • Cross-functional Management

  • Types of Management Reviews

  • Checklist for Annual Planning Session

  • Guidelines for Managing Review Meetings


4. Effective Hoshin Kanri Deployment

  • Three Factors Contributing to Effective Hoshin Kanri

  • Factors Contributing to Operating Effectiveness

  • Three Dimensions of Coherence

  • Factors Affecting Mobilization

  • Key Points & Summary



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The Four Phases of Hoshin Planning.
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