Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Updated: 20 May 2022



Thank you for your interest in our training presentations, templates and frameworks.


Please check out the frequently asked questions below to see if any of your questions are answered. Should you have other questions, please contact us

1.  Are instructor notes provided with the training presentation?


No. To keep the price of the presentation low and affordable for most users, the instructor guide or trainer/speaker notes are not provided as part of the presentation material.


Kindly note that this information is also stated in the Terms of Use for Documents on the specific product webpage as well as the download email which you would have received after the purchase. 



2.  Can we edit the training presentation such as changing the logo, texts, font types, graphics, color scheme or screen aspect ratio?


Yes. You may edit the training presentation contents to suit your specific needs. You may also translate the presentations or other documents from English to your desired language.


If desired, you may also reformat the 4:3 standard screen aspect ratio which are being used in majority of our presentations to the 16:9 widescreen format.

3.  Can we print and distribute hard copy handouts to the target audience?


Yes. You may print the hard copy handouts and distribute to the target audience who are attending your training program or briefing session.


Kindly note that the soft copy of the presentation (in any file format) should not be distributed.

4.  Can we upload the soft copy of the training presentation to our company intranet or e-learning platform for online viewing or learning by our employees?


Yes. However, kindly ensure that the document download button, if any, is disabled to prevent employees from downloading the soft copy. You may allow for hard copies to be printed if desired.

5.  As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, can we use the training presentation for online delivery (e.g. via Zoom or Microsoft Teams) to our clients/employees/students working or studying from home?

Yes. You may screen share the PowerPoint presentation via a Zoom meeting, Microsoft Teams or any other online platform. However, kindly ensure that the document download button, if any, is disabled to prevent clients/employees/students from downloading the soft copy.


After the online training, you may upload the soft copy to your organization's intranet as per para 4 above.

6.  Can we distribute the soft copy presentation to our clients, suppliers, senior executives, employees, students or other target audiences?


STRICTLY NO. Distributing the soft copy of our training presentation, or after you have customized it for your own or internal company use, would be a violation of our Terms of Use for Documents.


However, you may consider uploading the soft copy to your company intranet or e-learning platform for internal sharing as per para 4 above.


Kindly note that we may pursue available legal means to protect our intellectual property rights and unauthorized distribution. 

7.  Can we translate the training presentation into our local language, combine with our own materials and then upload to an online training platform (e.g. Udemy) for sale? 

STRICTLY NO. This would be in violation of the terms of usage. Our documents are strictly for non-commercial use only. 



Should you have any questions about our documents, please contact us