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Your Preferred Partner in the Journey to
Operational Excellence

The OEC signature is represented by the OEC corporate logo, which comprises three unique features:

1.   The OEC corporate logo is set in navy blue and grey, with a bold emphasis on the word 'Operational' as the key focus is driving process innovations and delivering breakthrough performance.

2.   The Global symbol with a spotlight on the Asia-Pacific geography represents the intended growth of the firm in forging strategic partnerships with clients around the region.  The grey spinning arrow signifies the development and deployment of business strategies to create positive and sustainable growth for our clients. The wavy lines around the equator represent the innovative applications of operational excellence methodologies in creating flow (Lean Thinking) and innovation (Design Thinking) in the critical value streams. 

3.   The tagline 'Empowering Sustainable Change' communicates the drive and dependability of OEC as the preferred and trusted partner for our clients in creating business value and enabling change to achieve sustainable world-class excellence and competitive advantage.

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