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5S Techniques

Build an organized and visual workplace for high productivity.

Establish a Strong Foundation for Continuous Improvement

Build a strong foundation for continuous improvement by implementing 5S techniques for a well-organized and productive workplace.

The 5S techniques provides the "pillars" for organizations to build a disciplined workforce and a well-organized, visual workplace that is productive and safe to work.

An effective 5S system improves productivity through the elimination of waste. 5S improves efficiency by eliminating the waste of motion looking for tools, materials or information. 5S also improves quality by eliminating the waste of defects and by preventing mistakes from taking place. 

5S focuses on establishing a quality environment in the organization, ensuring adherence to standards and in the process, fosters the spirit of continual improvement.

The 5S are Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain. These simple techniques have contributed significantly to improve internal efficiencies, operational effectiveness and foster on time delivery performance so as to create value for customers.

What is the Meaning of 5S?


Remove what is not needed and keep what is needed.


Arrange essential items in order for easy access.


Keep things clean and tidy; no trash or dirt in the workplace.


Establish standards and guidelines to maintain a clean workplace.


Make 5S a habit and teach others to adhere to established standards.

Learn how to apply the 5S techniques and visual management tools to build a well-organized and productive workplace.

Learn how to apply the 5S management system to develop a clean, efficient and productive office environment.

8 Steps to 5S Implementation

The 5S Implementation Guidebook explains the 5S concept in a simplified, step-by-step format so as to serve as a quick 5S implementation reference. This guidebook provides you with practical guidelines on how to implement 5S in your organization.


Following a Plan-Do-Check-Act approach, the guide includes key steps such as setting up a 5S steering committee, defining a 5S implementation plan, developing a communications campaign, training and education, selecting model areas, company-wide rollout, conducting 5S audits, and management review and improvement. It also provides guidelines for red-tagging and techniques and tools for sustaining 5S.


Some Highlights of our 5S Workshop Activities

Group discussion on the issues and challenges encountered in carrying our daily activities. 

Brainstorming a list of office waste that can be eliminated using 5S and visual management tools.

Reviewing photos taken from a gemba walk for potential improvement using 5S practices.

Team discussion on how to apply 5S techniques to enhance shopfloor organization and efficiency.

Implement 5S to build a disciplined workforce and a culture of continuous improvement.


To implement the 5S management system in your organization, our consultants will provide guidance to the management and/or working team(s) on the step-by-step implementation process.  Based on your priorities, the following scope can be tailored to suit your needs:  


  1. Formation of 5S Management Team and definition of roles and responsibilities

  2. Planning and preparation for 5S Kick-off Day

  3. 5S promotion and education

  4. Definition of 5S zones and responsibilities for the areas

  5. Step-by-step implementation of 5S techniques, e.g. sorting, red-tagging, arrangement of items according to frequency of use, cleaning, etc. as per 5S principles

  6. Facilitation in the running of 5S meetings

  7. Definition of the 5S audit criteria

  8. Setting up of 5S Activity Board, 5S radar charts, visual metrics, skills charts, ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos, etc.

  9. Identification of opportunities for kaizens and process improvements, e.g. reduce waste, improve efficiency

  10. Facilitation in 5S kaizen events and problem solving

  11. 5S audits

  12. 5S management review


To discuss how we can help your organization, please contact us.

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"The trainer is good in the subject and able to share relevant information with the class."​

LIM WEE KIAT, Staff Officer,

Rehabilitative, Protection & Residential Services Division, Ministry of Social & Family Development

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