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Design Thinking Frameworks Reference Guide

This comprehensive presentation covers 36 commonly used Design Thinking frameworks, mindsets and methods for Customer Experience innovation and redesign.

A detailed summary is provided for each design framework. The frameworks in this deck span across the inspiration, ideation and implementation phases of Design Thinking.

Included Frameworks/Methodologies:

1. Design Thinking
2. Assume a Beginner's Mindset
3. Persona
4. Empathy Map
5. Interviews
6. Extreme Users
7. Point Of View
8. "How Might We" Questions
9. Design Brief
10. Stakeholder Map
11. Customer Journey Map
12. Context Map
13. Opportunity Map
14. Brainstorming
16. Affinity Diagram
17. Ideas Evaluation Matrix
18. Prioritization Map
19. Prototypes
20. Rapid Prototyping
21. Storyboard
22. Storytelling
23. Role Play
24. 2x2 Matrix
25. Ways to Grow Framework
26. Feedback Capture Grid
27. 70-20-10 Rule
28. Kano Model
29. Customer Profile
30. Value Proposition Map
31. Value Proposition Canvas
32. Business Model Canvas
33. The Golden Circle
34. Five Whys Analysis
35. ADKAR® Model for Individual Change
36. Kotter's Change Management Model

These frameworks and templates are used in many design firms. With this comprehensive document in your back pocket, you can find a way to address just about any problem or design challenge that can arise in your organization.

The level of detail varies by framework, depending on the nature of the model. Examples and templates are provided.

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