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PPT: ISO 26000 (Social Responsibility) Awareness Training Presentation
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ISO 26000:2010 (Social Responsibility) Awareness Training


ISO 26000:2010 is an International Standard that provides guidance on how organizations can improve their Social Responsibility practices and contribute to sustainable environmental, social, and economic development. The standard emphasizes the importance of balancing the interests of people, planet, and profit in a mutually inclusive manner as the world moves towards an age of radical transparency.

ISO 26000 provides a timely and relevant guide for organizations to understand what social responsibility is and what they need to do to operate in a socially responsible way. The standard can be applied to the management of individuals as well as the organization as a whole in addressing pressing issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

This training presentation aims to generate a basic understanding of social responsibility based on ISO 26000. The learning objectives include understanding the principles and concepts of social responsibility, the benefits of implementing social responsibility practices, and how to integrate social responsibility into the organization's strategy and operations. The presentation can be customized to suit your target audience, context, and needs, and will provide valuable insights to help your organization contribute to sustainable development while building trust with stakeholders.

Learning Objective

  • To generate a basic understanding of social responsibility based on ISO 26000.



​1. Introduction to Sustainability

  • 2023 Global Risks Outlook

  • Projected Growth In Population & Resource Demands By 2050

  • What Is Sustainability?

  • OECD Definition Of Sustainability

  • Three Pillars Of Sustainability

  • What Is A Sustainable Business?

  • Why Is Sustainability Important?

  • Examples Of Sustainable Development

  • Sustainability Management For Supply Chain

  • The Spectrum Of Sustainability

  • U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

  • U.N. Global Compact's 10 Principles & The 17 Sustainable Development Goals

  • ISO Standards Contribute Directly To The U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

2. Overview of ISO 26000

  • About ISO 26000

  • What Makes ISO 26000 Important And Credible?

  • What ISO 26000 Is Not

  • Examples Of Linkages Between International Norms And ISO 26000

  • How Does ISO 26000 Define Social Responsibility?

  • What Does ISO 26000 Offer To Its Users?

  • Who Can Use ISO 26000?

  • Benefits of ISO 26000 Social Responsibility

  • Increasing Social Responsibility

3. Core Content of ISO 26000

  • The Core Content

  • Schematic Overview of ISO 26000

  • The 7 Principles

  • The 7 Core Subjects

  • Stakeholder Engagement

4. How to Use ISO 26000

  • How To Use ISO 26000

  • Integrating SR Throughout An Organization

  • Identification Of SR Issues

  • Checklist-approach: Identify Issues That Need Improvement

  • Examples of stakeholder Identification And Engagement

  • Who Are Your Stakeholders?

  • Establishing Priorities

  • Assessing Responsibilities In Your Sphere Of Influence

  • "Due diligence" - Investigating Situations And Avoiding Risks

  • Communicating About Your SR

  • Reviewing And Improving SR Performance

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