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Customer Journey Mapping


Customer Journey Mapping is the process of creating a graphical representation of the steps and stages a customer goes through to experience a product or service. It identifies key interactions that the customer has with the organization – the user’s motivations, thoughts and feelings for each of these touchpoints. According to a research study, customers who have had an unpleasant experience on a brand website are 88% less likely to return.

The map can be used as part of a business improvement process with potential for both improving the customer experience and reducing the costs of manufacturing a product or providing a service.


Companies that are setting up an online channel to sell their products and services as a result of the pandemic should conduct a journey mapping analysis prior to the digital transition to ensure a satisfying and seamless customer experience.

In this training presentation, you will learn how to carry out a systematic customer journey mapping process. It includes defining the scope, developing a persona and creating a step-by-step journey map.

Note: This training package includes:

  1. Customer Journey Mapping training presentation (PowerPoint format)

  2. Customer Journey Mapping templates (PowerPoint format)

  3. Customer Journey Mapping poster (PDF format, in color and monochrome, printable in A3/A4 size)

Learning Objectives

  1. Acquire knowledge on the key concepts of Customer Journey Mapping.

  2. Learn about the importance of design personas and how to create them.

  3. Learn the key elements of an effective customer journey map and go through the key steps for developing a draft customer journey map for a target customer.

  4. Explore ways to improve customer experiences based on moments of truth identified in customer journey maps.


  1. Key Concepts of Customer Journey Mapping

  2. Creating Personas

  3. Elements of a Customer Journey Map

  4. Ideation Techniques

  5. Customer Journey Mapping Process

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