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Customer Journey Mapping

Reimagine and create compelling end-to-end customer experiences.

Reimagine & Create New Experiences

Walk in your customers' shoes to reimagine and create compelling end-to-end customer experiences.

Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) is a process that aims to capture and communicate complex interactions to illuminate the complete experience a person may have with a company, product, or service, regardless of the channel or touchpoint.

Every customer is on a journey, yet many organizations treat each interaction as an isolated experience. However, satisfactory touchpoints may not add up to a satisfactory customer journey. Customers derive value and meaning from the total experience, so it's crucial for organizations to gain greater customer insight and cater to their end-to-end journey to improve the quality of customer experience.

CJM is based on proven design thinking principles and can be used as part of a business improvement process that has the potential to both improve the customer experience and reduce costs.

In today's post-pandemic world, companies that are setting up an online channel to sell their products and services should conduct a CJM analysis before embarking on the digital transformation process.

Industry practitioners of CJM include IDEO, Starbucks, Airbnb, Singapore Airlines, Nike, Procter & Gamble, IBM, and DBS Bank, among others.

Why Create a Customer Journey Map?

Understand Customer Experience

Understand your Customer Experience (CX) across touchpoints, channels and relationship stages.

Create Visibility and Accountability

Map people and processes to the distinct elements of the CX to show which internal groups are accountable.

Measure and Govern

Define methods to measure progress and govern changes to CX. Use map as a CX dashboard to track and monitor improvement efforts.

Communicate and Align the Organization

The map provides an efficient document for communicating and aligning the customer’s perceptions of the experience.

Strategize and Activate

Identify and prioritize CX issues and pinpoint opportunities to improve the collective experience of your product or service.

Visualize the Future

Create a future state journey map to generate ideas. Then, create a vision for the future and implement action plan to make it happen.

Learn how to develop a customer journey map, identify key moments of truth, assess opportunities and create new customer experiences.

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Some Highlights of our CJM Workshop Activities

2019-11-20 14.10.29.jpg

Developing the Persona and Empathy Map for the target customer.

2020-01-07 14.31.41.jpg

Identifying the pain points experienced along the customer journey.

Storyboarding the moments of truth and the emotional impacts of the customer experience.

Applying ideation techniques to eliminate pain points in the customer journey. 

Making a quick UI flow sketch to visualize the future state customer experience.

Prototyping, testing and refining the solution through customer feedback.

Gain deep, accurate insights into your customers’ collective experiences with your business.


To re-imagine and create a unique customer experience that enables your organization to differentiate from your competitors, our design consultants will train and guide your management and/or project teams to implement the CJM methodology and set up the appropriate infrastructure. 


The CJM training and consultancy scope includes:​

  • Exploring, documenting and understanding the personal and emotional parts of the customer experience that quantitative measures alone often miss;

  • Creating a detailed visual representation that places specific customer touch points and interactions in the larger context of the end-to-end customer journey;

  • Identifying the key moments of truth that impact customer perceptions and satisfaction the most, so that you can monitor and improve them over time;

  • Building a common, shared, and accurate inside view of what your customers' actual experiences, so that you can develop a strong culture of understanding and CX improvement across your whole organization;

  • Revealing gaps and weaknesses in your existing "Voice of Customer" (VoC) program that may be limiting your ability to turn customer feedback into business results.


To discuss how we can help your organization, please contact us.

customer journey mapping


"Provides a good framework to address the CX initiatives and meet NPS and CX satisfaction."

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