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PPT: TWI Job Methods (JM) Training Presentation
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TWI Program: Job Methods (JM) Training




The TWI Job Methods (JM) program trains supervisors in how to improve the way jobs are performed in order to consistently produce greater quantities of quality products in less time using available manpower, machines and materials. 


Participants are taught how to break down jobs into their constituent operations. Every detail is questioned in a systematic manner to generate ideas for improvement. New methods are developed by eliminating, combining, rearranging, and simplifying steps in the process. Job Methods yields significant benefits including reduced cost through productivity gains, increased throughput, and reduced work in process.

Note: This training package includes:

  1. TWI Introduction PPT training presentation (PowerPoint format)

  2. TWI JM PPT training presentation (PowerPoint format)

  3. Job Breakdown Sheets for Work Analysis (Word format)

  4. JM Improvement Proposal Sheet (Word format)

  5. Printing Guidelines for JM Pocket Card

  6. TWI JM Poster (PDF format, in color and monochrome, printable in A3 size)

Learning Objectives


  1. Improve job methods based on the 4-Step Process for JM

  2. Apply the Job Breakdown Sheet to analyze the current method and develop the new method

  3. Utilize the JM Improvement Proposal Sheet to communicate and gain buy in to the new method



  1. Introduction to TWI Job Methods (JM)

  2. Definition of a Supervisor

  3. 5 Basic Needs of Supervisors

  4. Demonstration Job: Current Design & New Design

  5. 4 Steps for Job Methods Improvement

  6. Step 1 – Breakdown the Job

  7. Job Breakdown Sheet (JM)

  8. Step 2 – Question Every Detail

  9. 5W’s & 1H

  10. Step 3 – Develop the New Method

  11. Eliminate, Combine, Rearrange & Simplify

  12. Principles Under Simplify

  13. JM Improvement Proposal Sheet

  14. Step 4 – Apply the New Method

  15. Examples of Ideas for Improvement

  16. Practice Demonstrations – Job Breakdown for Present & Proposed Methods

  17. Resistance & Resentment

  18. Review of 4 Steps for JM

  19. Summary & Closing


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  8. Standard Work 



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