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PPT: The Complete TWI Training Presentation
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The Complete TWI Programs: JI, JM, JR, JS & PS Training


The Training Within Industry (TWI) programs were designed by some of the best training and management experts in the United States and were rigorously field-tested before general release. When the TWI programs were introduced to Japan in the early 1950s, many Japanese companies wholeheartedly adopted them and their fundamental message. Toyota was one of those companies.


TWI programs are an integral part of Lean and aim to deliver a better-skilled workforce, improved labor and management relations, productivity improvements and a focus on continuous improvement.


This is a complete TWI training package comprising the three original programs called Job Instruction (JI), Job Methods (JM) and Job Relations (JR), and the two "plus" programs called Job Safety (JS) and Problem Solving (PS).


Altogether, these three-plus-two TWI programs address the processes of instructing people on the best way to perform jobs, problem solving and continuous improvement, improved communication and leadership skills and increased workplace safety. 


  • Job Instruction Training (JI): Train supervisors in how to instruct a person to perform a job correctly and safely; and to be productive as quickly as possible, while creating less scrap, rework, and damage to tools and equipment.


  • Job Relations Training (JR): Train supervisors in how to solve personnel problems using an analytical, non-emotional method combined with some basic foundations of human relations.


  • Job Methods Training (JM): Train supervisors in how to improve the way jobs are performed in order to consistently produce greater quantities of quality products in less time using available manpower, machines and materials. 


  • Job Safety Training (JS): The JS program creates a simple and logical framework by which supervisors can prevent accidents from happening by learning how to analyze the causes of accidents and eliminating them before they happen. 


  • Problem Solving Training (PS): Train supervisors in how to solve problems in order to achieve the desired results. The PS program integrates and elevates the three original TWI skills (JI, JM and JR) into a problem-solving focus. 


This TWI PPT training package is specially tailored for your organization's Internal TWI or On-The-Job Trainer. The training slides can be used to conduct training in the classroom, with practice demonstrations by participants done either in the classroom and/or shopfloor as appropriate. The job aids such as Job Breakdown Sheet, Training Timetable, JBS for Work Analysis, etc. can be put to immediate use or customized. 


You may deliver each TWI program/module separately, spread them over 2-hourly sessions, or adapt them to suit your operational requirements.


  • Introduction to TWI

       - Brief History of TWI

       - TWI - The Missing Link to Lean & Kaizen

       - What is TWI?

       - Components of TWI

       - Benefits of TWI

       - TWI - A Timeless Approach

       - The Four-step Method

  • Five Needs of Good Supervisors

       - Who is a Supervisor?

       - Five Needs Model for Good Supervisors

  • Job Instruction (JI)

       - Four Steps for Job Instruction

       - Four Steps to Get Ready

       - Job Breakdown – Important Steps, Key Points & Reasons

       - Training Timetables

       - Special Instruction Problems

       - Job Instruction & Standard Work

       - Activities & Discussions

       - Practice Demonstrations by Participants


  • Job Methods (JM)

       - Four Steps for Job Methods Improvement

       - Job Breakdown Sheet

       - 5W1H

       - Eliminate, Combine, Rearrange & Simplify

       - Job Method Improvement Proposal Sheet

       - Resistance & Resentment

       - Activities & Discussions

       - Practice Demonstrations by Participants


  • Job Relations (JR)

       - Chart on Supervisory Responsibility

       - Foundations for Good Relations

       - Chart on the Individual

       - How Problems Arise

       - Four Steps for Job Relations

       - How to Get Feelings & Opinions

       - How to See Problems Coming

       - Activities & Discussions

       - Practice Demonstrations by Participants


  • Job Safety (JS)

       - Definition of Safety Incident

       - The Incident Chain

       - Heinrich's Accident Pyramid

       - Four Steps for Job Safety

       - Job Safety Breakdown

       - Job Safety Instruction

       - How to Spot Hazards

       - How to Avoid Hazards

       - Three Rules for Making Safety Instructions

       - Supervisor’s Major Safety Responsibilities


  • Problem Solving (PS)

       - Introduction to Problem Solving

       - Objective of Problem Solving

       - What Is a Problem? 

       - 4 Steps for Problem Solving

       - Step 1: Isolate the Problem

       - Step 2: Prepare for Solution

       - Step 3: Correct the Problem

       - Step 4: Check and Evaluate Results

List of materials included in this training package:


  1. TWI Introduction & TWI Job Instruction PPT Training Presentation (PowerPoint format)

  2. TWI Job Methods PPT Training Presentation (PowerPoint format)

  3. TWI Job Relations PPT Training Presentation (PowerPoint format)

  4. TWI Job Safety PPT Training Presentation (PowerPoint format)

  5. TWI Problem Solving PPT Training Presentation (PowerPoint format)

  6. Job Instruction Breakdown Sheet (Word format)

  7. Job Instruction Training Timetable (Word format)

  8. Job Instruction Training Matrix (Excel format)

  9. Job Methods Breakdown Sheet (simple) (Word format)

  10. Job Methods Breakdown Sheet (8.5x11) (Word format)

  11. Job Methods Breakdown Sheet (8.5x14) (Word format)

  12. Job Methods Improvement Proposal Sheet (Word format)

  13. Job Relations Situation Analysis Sheet (Word format)

  14. Job Relations Case Study (Word format)

  15. Job Safety Breakdown Sheet (Word format)

  16. Problem Solving Problem Analysis Sheet (Word format)

  17. Problem Solving Causation Analysis Sheet (Word format)

  18. JI Pocket Card (PowerPoint format)

  19. JM Pocket Card (PowerPoint format)

  20. JR Pocket Card (PowerPoint format)

  21. JS Pocket Card (PowerPoint format)

  22. TWI E-Pocket Cards - JI, JM, JR & JS (PowerPoint format)

  23. Five Needs Model Poster (PDF format, in color and monochrome, printable in A3 size)

  24. JI Poster (PDF format, in color and monochrome, printable in A3 size)

  25. JM Poster (PDF format, in color and monochrome, printable in A3 size)

  26. JR Poster (PDF format, in color and monochrome, printable in A3 size)

  27. JS Poster (PDF format, in color and monochrome, printable in A3 size)


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