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ISO 22301:2019 (Security & Resilience - BCMS) Awareness Training



ISO 22301:2019, Security and Resilience - Business Continuity Management System (BCMS), is the latest international standard for implementing and maintaining effective business continuity plans, systems and processes. This new standard replaces the old ISO 22301:2012.


Floods, cyber-attacks, IT breakdowns, supply chain issues or loss of skilled staff are just some of the possible threats to the smooth running of an organization. If not addressed effectively, they can cause disruption or even business failure. Consistent planning for what to do when disaster strikes means a more effective response and a quicker recovery.

The intent of ISO 22301:2019 is to provide a framework for a holistic, strategic approach to an organization's business continuity policy, plans and actions. The benefits of implementing the ISO 22301:2019 framework include minimized downtime during incidents and improved recovery time. Diseases such as COVID-19, floods and cyber attacks have compelled all companies and organizations to assess their business continuity plans and systems so as to keep their businesses running and minimize disruptions.

ISO 22301 is applicable to all organizations, regardless of size, industry or nature of business. It is also relevant to certification and regulatory bodies as it enables them to assess an organization’s ability to meet its legal or regulatory requirements. ISO 22301 is useful for business continuity and risk professionals, supply chain directors, audit managers and associates, developers of corporate social responsibility reports, regulatory bodies and anyone else involved or interested in business continuity.


ISO 22301 brings together international best practice to help organizations respond to, and recover from, disruptions effectively. This means reduced costs and less impact on business performance should something go wrong. What’s more, companies with multiple sites or divisions can rely on the same consistent approach throughout the entire organization.​

ISO 22301 also gives a clear and detailed view of how an organization operates, offering valuable insights that are useful for strategic planning, risk management, supply chain management, business transformation and resource management.

This ISO 22301:2019 (BCMS) awareness PPT training presentation can be used to brief management and staff, new hires and potential auditees so as to create awareness of the ISO 22301:2019 standard. Alternatively, the presentation may be used to supplement your materials for the training of BCMS professionals and internal auditors.

NOTE: This training package includes:

1. ISO 22301:2019 (BCMS) PPT training presentation (PowerPoint format)

2. ISO Certification Audit poster (PDF format, in color and monochrome, printable in A3 size)



Learning Objectives

  1. Provide background knowledge of ISO 22301

  2. Gain an overview of ISO 22301 structure and the certification process 

  3. Gather useful tips on handling an audit session




1. Overview of ISO 22301

  • About ISO

  • ISO Standards Contribute Directly to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • What are Standards?

  • What Standards are Not

  • Why are Standards Important?

  • Why an ISO Standard?

  • What is a Management System?

  • Definition of "Business Continuity"

  • What is ISO 22301:2019?

  • Development of ISO 22301:2019

  • Objective of ISO 22301:2019

  • What Improvements Were Made to ISO 22301:2019?

  • Who Can Use ISO 22301:2019?

  • How Does ISO 22301:2019 Work?

  • Benefits of ISO 22301:2019

  • Advantages of Certification

  • Accreditation & Certification Bodies

  • The Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Process Model

  • Emphasis on Process Approach

  • Risk-based Thinking

  • Benefits of the New ISO 22301:2019


2. ISO 22301 Structure

  • What is Annex L?

  • Annex L is a Framework for a Generic Management System

  • High-Level Structure (HLS)

  • ISO 22301:2019 is Based on the High-Level Structure for Management System Standards

  • HLS: The Same Core Elements

  • ISO 22301:2019 is Based on the PDCA Cycle

  • PDCA and ISO 22301:2019 Clause Structure

  • ISO 22301:2019 Key Clause Structure (4-10)

    • Context of the Organization

    • Leadership

    • Planning

    • Support

    • Operation

    • Performance Evaluation

    • Improvement

  • The PDCA Cycle is the Engine for Continuous Improvement

  • Continual Improvement


3. ISO 22301 Certification

  • Becoming ISO 22301:2019 Certified

  • Aligning/Transitioning to ISO 22301:2019

  • The ISO 22301:2019 Certification Process

  • What Does Certification Assure?


4. Audit Approach 

  • What is an Audit?

  • What is an ISO Audit?

  • What Are Audits Used For?

  • Types of Audits

  • Internal Audit

  • Principles of Auditing

  • Audit Approach

  • Audit Emphasis

  • Review of Documented Information

  • Audit Findings


5. Handling an Audit Session

  • Rights of Auditee

  • Rights of Auditor

  • How to Handle the Audit Session?

  • Auditee’s Conduct

  • Do’s

  • Don’ts

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