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Total Quality Management (TQM)



Total Quality Management (TQM) is a holistic approach to long-term success that views continuous improvement in all aspects of an organization as a process and not as a short-term goal. It aims to radically transform the organization through progressive changes in the attitudes, practices, systems and structures.​​​

By teaching this presentation, employees will understand the importance of making a personal commitment to quality, focus on satisfying both internal and external customer requirements, and working as a team to improve quality. 

This TQM PPT training presentation includes quality philosophies from key quality leaders such as W. E. Deming, J. M. Juran and Philip Crosby, and provides a summary of process management, steps for TQM implementation, key tools and techniques for total quality as well as the key business excellence and quality management models.


Note: This training package includes:

1. TQM PPT training presentation (PowerPoint format, 16:9 widescreen)

2. The Inspection Exercise (PowerPoint format, 4:3 standard screen)


Learning Objectives

  1. ​Explain the meaning of Total Quality Management (TQM)

  2. Identify key leaders in the field of quality and their philosophies

  3. Identify characteristics of the TQM philosophy

  4. Understand the importance of process management and measuring the cost of quality

  5. Describe the key business excellence and quality models

  6. Describe Total Quality leadership attitudes and behaviors

  7. Identify tools and techniques for Total Quality

  8. Define the steps for TQM implementation




  1. ​Introduction to TQM

  2. Customer Focus

  3. Employee Involvement & Empowerment

  4. Process Management

  5. Cost of Quality

  6. Business Excellence & Quality Management Models

  7. Total Quality Leadership

  8. TQM Implementation

  9. Methods & Tools for Total Quality

  10. Key Takeaways

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  8. 8D Problem Solving Process

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