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PPT: Useful Tools Training Presentation
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Problem Solving Tools


This presentation is a collection of 24 useful tools for problem solving.  It includes the basic and advanced QC tools and are applicable to all types of industries.  


Simply presented using a 'Purpose', 'When To Use' and 'Procedure' format, these tools can be applied to add greater breadth and depth to your PDCA, DMAIC, or 8D, etc. problem solving projects.  


The tools include the following:


1.   Flow Chart

2.   Brainstorming 

3.   Gantt Chart

4.   Stratification

5.   Check Sheet

6.   Bar Chart

7.   Waterfall Chart

8.   Line Graph

9.   Pie Chart

10. Belt Graph

11. Radar Chart

12. Control Chart

13. Pareto Chart

14. Cause & Effect Diagram

15. 5 Whys

16. Histogram 

17. Scatter Diagram

18. Affinity Diagram

19. Relations Diagram

20. Tree Diagram

21. Matrix Diagram

22. Matrix Data Analysis Chart

23. Arrow Diagram

24. Process Decision Program Chart



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