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A3 Problem Solving Process

& Tools


Discover the power of A3 Thinking, Toyota's cornerstone for continuous improvement deeply ingrained in their culture. This presentation unveils the disciplined A3 reporting system, a flexible yet precise approach vital for proposing solutions, giving project status updates, and reporting results. Going beyond paperwork, A3 is a transformative process and mindset dedicated to relentless improvement. Dive into this comprehensive training guide, understanding A3 principles, learning the step-by-step problem-solving process, and mastering tools for effective analysis and decision-making. Develop skills to create clear A3 reports and gain practical tips for successful problem-solving.


Note: This training presentation includes:

  1. A3 Problem Solving PPT training presentation (PowerPoint format)

  2. A3 Problem Solving Report template (in PowerPoint and Word formats)

  3. A3 Problem Solving Report poster (PDF format, in tones of light, dark, color and monochrome, printable in A3 size)

Learning Objectives


  1. Understand the principles and significance of A3 thinking in continuous improvement.

  2. Learn the step-by-step A3 problem-solving process, from theme development to follow- up.

  3. Acquire proficiency in utilizing A3 problem-solving tools for effective analysis and decision-making.

  4. Develop skills for creating clear, concise A3 reports and gain practical tips for successful problem- solving.



1. Introduction to A3 Thinking
•  Unveiling A3 Thinking Elements
•  Exploring Stages of Ability
•  Navigating the A3 Framework
•  A3 Report Essentials
•  Embracing PDCA Concept
•  A3 Thinking vs. A3 Problem Solving vs. A3 Report
•  When to Use an A3 Report
•  Unraveling the Four Types of A3 Reports

2. A3 Problem Solving Process: Step-by-step
•  Navigating the Problem Solving Funnel

•  Embarking on the A3 Problem Solving Process
•  Delving into Each Step: Theme, Background, Current State, Goal Statement, Root Cause Analysis, Countermeasures, Check Results, Follow Up

3. A3 Problem Solving Tools
•  Empowering Your Analysis with Essential Tools: Stratification, Check Sheet, Pareto Chart, 5 Whys, Cause & Effect Diagram, Histogram, Scatter Diagram, Control Charts, Relations Diagram, Tree Diagram

4. Form & Style
•  Mastering the Art of A3 Storytelling
•  Adapting A3 Reports to Diverse Audiences
•  Gaining Insights into A3 Reviews at Toyota
•  Navigating Common Pitfalls in A3 Reports

5. Practical Tips for Success
•  Unveiling Practical Insights for A3 Mastery
•  Concluding with a Powerful Summary

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