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PPT: Employee Suggestion Scheme Training Presentation
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Effective Staff Suggestion System (Kaizen Teian)


“The only way to have a good idea is to have

a lot of ideas.”

Winston Churchill



Employee engagement reflects the involvement and enthusiasm of employees in their work and workplace. Organizations with high employee engagement achieve higher productivity, higher customer loyalty, better safety, lower turnover and higher profitability. However, in the Gallup State of the Global Workplace 2023 Report, only 23% of employees are engaged at work, while 59% of employees are "quiet quitting" (not engaged) and 18% of employees are "loud quitting" (actively disengaged).

This Staff Suggestion System is based on Kaizen Teian -- the Japanese-style proposal system for continuous improvement and employee engagement -- is the most direct and effective method for channeling employees' creative energies and hands-on insight. 


This comprehensive Staff Suggestion System PPT training presentation focuses on the management, guidance, and development of an effective suggestion system. It explains the key aspects of running a suggestion system or proposal program on a day-to-day basis. This concise reference outlines the policies that support a "bottom-up" system of innovation and defines the three main objectives of a successful suggestion system: to build participation, develop individuals' skills, and achieve higher profits. 


This comprehensive guide teaches the methods to plan, implement and sustain the program. It teaches strategy, mechanism, roles, process, and how employees should write good ideas.​

Learning Objectives​ 


  1. Understand the key elements of a suggestion system

  2. Define how to plan and launch an effective suggestion system

  3. Describe how to set up a strategy and mechanism to generate ideas, capture quality ideas, evaluate ideas and sustain a constant flow of ideas

  4. Explain how to develop employees to identify opportunities for improvement and write good quality ideas

  5. Define success factors for sustaining a suggestion system



  1. Introduction to Kaizen

  2. Basic Concepts of a Suggestion System

  3. Scope of Suggestions

  4. Goals of a Suggestion System

  5. Planning & Launching a Suggestion System

  6. Roles & Responsibilities

  7. The Suggestions Process

  8. Evaluation & Award Systems

  9. Examples of Effective Procedures

  10. Techniques for Developing Creativity

  11. Examples of Ideas for Improvement

  12. Points for Improvement

  13. Ways to Develop “Kaizen Eyes”

  14. How to Sustain a Suggestion System

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