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Digital Transformation: Step-by-step Implementation Guide ​
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Digital Transformation: Step-by-step Implementation Guide


This Digital Transformation Implementation PPT presentation guide is tailored for organizational leaders who are interested in using digital to gain competitive advantage. It provides a systematic approach for steering the course of your digital transformation journey--from assessing your starting point to framing your digital challenge, focusing investment, mobilizing the organization and finally sustaining the digital transition.

What this guide will focus is not technology implementation, but a company-wide approach to digital transformation. It includes a step-by-step practical guidance for leaders to digitally transform their organizations by showing where to invest in digital capabilities and how to lead the transformation.

The digital transformation framework presented consists of four key phases and twelve detailed steps as well as practical tips to fundamentally improve business performance.

Learning Objectives 


  1. Acquire knowledge and the key concepts of digital transformation.

  2. Describe the digital transformation framework, phases and step-by-step process.

  3. Conduct a self-assessment of your digital mastery.




1. Introduction and Key Concepts of Digital Transformation

  • The Era Of Digital Darwinism

  • What Is Digital Darwinism?

  • Digital Darwinism vs. Digital Transformation

  • Digital Darwinism - Case Studies

  • Digital Transformation Defined

  • Some Statistics On Digital Transformation

  • Companies That Have Succeeded In Digital Transformation

  • Digital Transformation Starts With People, Not Technology

  • Charting A Path Of Digital Transformation Starts With A Shared Vision

  • Strategic Foresight

  • The Framework Of Design Thinking

  • The Five Domains Of Digital Transformation

  • Rethinking The Marketing Funnel To Create Engagement & Conversion

  • Transforming The Customer Experience Is The Heart Of Digital Transformation

  • The DNA Of Digital Masters

  • The Four Levels Of Digital Mastery

  • What Is Your Level Of Digital Mastery?

  • New Digital Channels

  • Benefits Of Building An Omnichannel Experience

  • Operational Paradoxes Of The Pre-digital Age

  • Reinventing Business Models

  • Committed Leadership Is The Lever That Turns Technology Into Transformation

  • Crafting Your Digital Vision

  • Engaging The Organization At Scale

  • Governing The Transformation

  • Building Technology Leadership Capabilities

2. Digital Transformation Framework, Phases and Step-by-step Process

  • The Four Key Phases Of A Digital Transformation Journey

  • Phase 1 - Framing The Challenge

  • Phase 2 - Focusing Investment

  • Phase 3 - Mobilizing The Organization

  • Phase 4 - Sustaining The Digital Transition

  • The Twelve Steps Of A Digital Transformation Journey

  • Step 1 - Build Awareness

  • Step 2 - Know Your Starting Point

  • Step 3 - Craft A Vision & Align Top Team

  • Step 4 - Translate Your Vision Into Action

  • Step 5 - Build Your Governance

  • Step 6 - Fund The Transformation

  • Step 7 - Signal Your Ambitions

  • Step 8 - Earn The Right To Engage

  • Step 9 - Set New Behaviors & Evolve Culture

  • Step 10 - Build Foundational Skills

  • Step 11 - Align Incentives & Rewards

  • Step 12 - Measure, Monitor & Iterate

  • Summary Of The Digital Transformation Journey

  • True Change Is A Process, Not A State Of Being

3. Digital Mastery Self-Assessment

  • Assessing Your Digital Mastery

  • Assessment Of Digital Capabilities

  • Assessment Of Leadership Capabilities

  • Understanding Where Are You Today

  • Taking Action To Build Your Digital Mastery

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