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Digital Strategic Business Planning Methodology
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Digital Strategic Business Planning Methodology



In the rapidly evolving landscape of the digital age, organizations are experiencing an unprecedented pace of change in the new economy. As the world transforms with a mere click, strategic planning becomes the cornerstone of the business cycle.

Digital Strategic Business Planning is the systematic process through which organizational leaders envision the future and design the requisite processes and operations to realize that vision. The presented methodology serves as a guide to shape and materialize the organization's future in the digital era.

The Digital Strategic Business Planning Methodology offers a robust framework for conducting a comprehensive study and formulating an actionable plan for the digital age. In recognition of the significant impact of digital technology on contemporary business models and value creation, digital transformation stands as an indispensable foundation. The integration of IT transformation planning within strategic business planning ensures a seamless and unified approach.

Phases of the Digital Strategic Business Planning Methodology:

1. Digital Strategic Review: Assessing the organization's current state in the dynamic digital landscape.

2. Digital Visioning: Defining the desired digital state to guide strategic development.

3. Digital Strategy Formulation: Crafting business strategies leveraging strengths and opportunities in the digital realm.

4. Digital Strategy Implementation: Defining digital architecture and formulating an implementation plan, serving as the blueprint for detailed execution.

NOTE: This package includes:

1. Digital Strategic Business Planning Methodology Guide (PowerPoint format)

2. Digital Strategic Business Planning Study Report Template (Word document)

3. Digital Strategic Business Planning Poster (PDF document, printable on A3/A4 size paper)




1. Digital Strategic Review
•  Review current digital state
•  Identify areas of competitive advantage in the digital landscape
•  Analyze industry trends and digital competition

2. Digital Visioning
•  Envision the desired digital state

3. Digital Strategy Formulation
•  Identify and screen digital opportunities
•  Analyze digital opportunity gaps
•  Benchmark and make recommendations for digital strategies

4. Digital Strategy Implementation
•  Define the digital blueprint
•  Identify digital programs
•  Define the digital implementation plan



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