Terms of Use for Documents

Updated: 4 May 2021


By purchasing the documents from the Operational Excellence Consulting ("OEC") store, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions governing the proper usage of our documents. These documents include training presentations/guides, templates, checklists, tools and frameworks/models.


The terms and conditions of usage for the documents supplement our general terms of use.  




  • After you order a document and pay any corresponding price (for your security, we do not store any credit/debit card information), you may download and access the document for your personal use or for a single Customer location.


  • You are responsible for ensuring before purchase that your device meets any minimum system requirements. You are responsible for any internet or other connection charges you may incur in connection with your download, access and use of the store.


  • If you are residing in countries (e.g. India) with low internet speeds, you should expect that there might be local connectivity issues and the downloading process might take a longer time to complete.




  • We provide a sample of the document such as a training presentation for your preview as a way to let you browse a document prior to your order. To preview the document, click on the 'Preview' button. 


  • You should order and download the document only if you are satisfied that the quality and contents meet your expectations or needs. If you have any questions of the document or require more information, contact us first before you order.  


  • All documents are in English. All training presentations and frameworks/models do not include instructor guide and facilitation notes. 




  • As you can preview the document and ask us any questions about the document prior to your order, documents ordered from the Operational Excellence Consulting store are not returnable or refundable.  


  • If the downloaded document is incomplete or defective, please contact us and we will replace it within 24 hours.




  • All documents sold are not supported with an after-sales service of periodic or lifetime updates. 







  • The training presentations, templates, tools and frameworks/models are created and copyrighted by Operational Excellence Consulting.​ Copyrights of all the images used in the documents are held by their respective owners.   

  • The training presentation document is intended for use in training individuals within an organization.


  • The training presentations, templates, tools and frameworks/models may be customized to suit your needs and preferences. You may modify, add, delete, change the logo, etc. or incorporate them into your own format and materials.   

  • If necessary, soft copies of the training presentations should be distributed only to the Program Office personnel, change agents or university faculty lecturers who need to use them for their work such as education, training and/or creating awareness.

  • Users of our documents may distribute the training presentations and frameworks/models only in the form of hard copies to their students, trainees and/or other target audience. 

  • Except for the templates, users of our documents are strictly prohibited from distributing the soft copies (PDF format or any other file format) of the training presentations and frameworks/models to their students, trainees and other employees. 



  • Each copy of the document or license is for your personal use or can be used throughout a single customer location, such as a manufacturing plant. If you need to use the document for another customer location, you should purchase a separate copy or license. Licenses cannot be transferred from one company to another.


(a)  If your company has less than 500 employees, one license for the use of the document should be sufficient;


(b)  If your company has 500 or more employees at various locations, as a general guideline, we recommend that you apply the ratio of one license per 500 employees (based on the U.S. SBA Office of Advocacy's definition of a Small Business).

(c)  It is noted that different countries have different definitions of a Small Business. In this case, the company should follow the respective country's definition of a Small Business in which it is incorporated. As an example, a company incorporated in Singapore who intends to use a training presentation to train the employees in Singapore should apply the ratio of one license per 200 employees (based on Singapore's definition of a Small Business).  

  • A copy of the training presentation may reside on the intranet or e-learning system of the customer location. Users of the intranet or e-learning system are strictly prohibited from downloading a copy of the training presentation whether in PDF format or any other file format. ​


  • The documents such as the training presentations, or portions or modifications thereof, may not be re-sold, rented or redistributed in isolation or as part of any commercial offering. 




  • Should you have any questions about our documents, please contact us