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Empowering Your Path to Manufacturing Success.


Elevate your organization's performance with our two-day Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Masterclass training program, built upon the foundational TPM framework and Autonomous Maintenance program. Designed for manufacturing professionals seeking to optimize productivity and efficiency, this comprehensive program covers key TPM pillars, including Planned Maintenance, Focused Improvement, Quality Maintenance, and TPM Self-assessment.

The two-day course begins with an in-depth look at TPM Masterclass, emphasizing its foundational link with Autonomous Maintenance. Understand TPM's core principles and its focus on Planned Maintenance. Learn to create effective maintenance schedules and apply various tools for successful planning. Delve into Focused Improvement, exploring the role of Kaizen and Lean within TPM. Discover methods for identifying improvement opportunities and measuring their impact. The Quality Maintenance module highlights the connection between TPM and product quality, emphasizing defect prevention and early detection to enhance a culture of quality within your organization.


Our course provides participants with a unique opportunity to learn from a seasoned JIPM-certified TPM Instructor. The program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to drive continuous improvement within your organization, aligning with the Japanese Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM) standard for TPM Self-assessment.

TPM Masterclass Training

Recommended Audience

This course is recommended for Managers, Engineers, Supervisors, TPM steering committee, operational staff from production, manufacturing, engineering, maintenance and other enthusiasts who have the foundational knowledge and prior experience in TPM implementation.


TPM Masterclass Training
  • Facilitated by JIPM-certified TPM Instructor

  • Lectures, video presentations, group activities, discussions and Q&A

  • Case studies of TPM activities and implementation

  • Examples of applications of TPM tools

Learning Objectives

TPM Masterclass Training
  1. Understand the foundational TPM framework and Autonomous Maintenance as the basis for TPM Masterclass.

  2. Implement Planned Maintenance strategies to reduce downtime and enhance equipment reliability.

  3. Harness the power of Focused Improvement methodologies, such as Kaizen and Lean, to drive continuous improvement.

  4. Elevate product quality through effective Quality Maintenance practices.

  5. Conduct a TPM Self-assessment based on the JIPM standard, using provided tools and develop actionable improvement plans.

Workshop Outline

Module 1: Introduction to TPM Masterclass

  • Explore the foundational principles of the TPM framework.

  • Understand the critical relationship between TPM and TPM Masterclass.

  • Discover the core pillars of TPM, including Planned Maintenance.

  • Recognize the significance of Focused Improvement, Quality Maintenance, and TPM Self-assessment.

  • Learn how each TPM pillar and the self-assessment process contribute to operational excellence.


Module 2: Planned Maintenance

  • Identify the various types of maintenance (Preventive, Predictive, Corrective).

  • Learn how to create an effective maintenance schedule.

  • Understand the importance of planned maintenance in reducing downtime.

  • Explore tools and techniques for successful maintenance planning.

  • Discover strategies for optimizing equipment reliability.


Module 3: Focused Improvement (Kobetsu Kaizen)

  • Comprehend the role of Focused Improvement within the TPM framework.

  • Learn about continuous improvement methodologies such as Kaizen and Lean.

  • Understand how to identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Explore the application of Lean in driving process enhancements.

  • Master the art of measuring the impact of improvement initiatives.

Module 4: Quality Maintenance (Hinshitsu Hozen)

  • Investigate the interplay between TPM and Quality Maintenance.

  • Learn the importance of quality control tools and techniques.

  • Discover strategies for defect prevention and early detection.

  • Gain insights into the significance of product quality enhancement.

  • Understand how to foster a culture of quality within the organization.


Module 5: TPM Self-assessment

  • Learn how to conduct a TPM Self-assessment in line with the JIPM standard.

  • Explore the purpose and methodology of self-assessment.

  • Identify key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate TPM effectiveness.

  • Utilize the provided TPM assessment guide tool for self-assessment.

  • Analyze assessment results and formulate actionable improvement plans.


Closing Session: Wrap-up and Q&A

  • Review the key takeaways from the two-day training program.

  • Reflect on the knowledge and practical skills acquired.

  • Address any questions and concerns from participants.

  • Leave with a comprehensive understanding of TPM Masterclass and its real-world application.

  • Discuss the importance of continuous improvement as an ongoing journey towards the desired future state of operational excellence.

Award of Certificate

Certificate of Attendance will be issued to participants who have attended at least 75% of the workshop


2 days

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