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Seven Basic Tools of Quality



The Seven Basic Tools of Quality or Seven QC Tools as they are commonly called, are tools which arrange problem areas, put data into diagrams, surface problem areas and clearly bring up any hidden truth. These tools are not for experts alone but for the use of everyone in their daily work.  A problem solving team's successes are dependent on the familiarity and ease with which these tools are used. 


In this training presentation, you will be able to teach employees how to use the tools in their daily work or as part of the structured Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) approach to problem solving.


Learning Objectives​


  • To understand the seven basic tools for quality and process improvement

  • To learn how to apply the seven basic tools of quality to problem solving or daily work



  1. Introduction

  2. Stratification

  3. Check Sheet

  4. Control Chart

  5. Pareto Chart

  6. Cause & Effect Diagram

  7. Histogram

  8. Scatter Diagram

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