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PPT: Service Recovery Training Presentation
American Express
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Service Recovery


When things go wrong, customer expectations tend to drop while fear and anger rise. Many service providers tend to avoid the issue, hiding from the damage, minimizing cost and shifting the blame to others. With the right approach and understanding, you can regain customer satisfaction and loyalty and make your organization even stronger.


In this Service Recovery PPT training presentation, you can educate customer service employees or new hires on the key concepts and principles of service recovery, learn how to handle difficult customers and acquire the five-step service recovery skill.  



Learning Objectives


  1. Understand the key concepts of service recovery

  2. Understand the principles of effective service recovery systems

  3. Understand why problems are opportunities

  4. Acquire knowledge on how to make it easy for customers to complain

  5. Acquire knowledge on how to handle difficult customers

  6. Apply the five steps of service recovery skill




  1. Introduction to Service Recovery

  2. Principles of Effective Service Recovery Systems

  3. Problems are Opportunities

  4. Making it Easy for Customers to Complain

  5. Handling Difficult Customers

  6. Five Steps of Service Recovery


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