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A3 hoshin planning process
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A3 Hoshin Planning




Embark on a transformative journey with A3 Hoshin Planning—a dynamic blend of strategic vision and operational excellence. Emerging from the roots of Toyota's lean management philosophy, A3 Hoshin Planning leverages the A3 tool to weave simplicity and collaboration into strategic endeavors.

This strategic journey spans short and long-term goals, addressing business needs and fostering the growth of individuals. The A3 tool, acting as an accessible canvas, revolutionizes planning into a collaborative process, ensuring engagement at every organizational level.

In the world of A3 Hoshin Planning, alignment is key. Diverse activities seamlessly converge, each contributing significantly to overarching goals. The crystal-clear alignment with the organization's 'True North' fosters unity of purpose, guiding the path to excellence.

Beyond theoretical frameworks, A3 Hoshin Planning emphasizes execution. It serves as the bridge between strategic plans and tangible results, with integrated PDCA cycles offering a structured path for continuous improvement and real-time refinement of strategies.

Enter the realm of 'Catchball,' where dynamic exchanges shape collaborative decision-making. The A3 tool, a steadfast companion, enhances communication and collaboration. This presentation unveils the strategic brilliance within A3 Hoshin Planning—a journey where simplicity, clarity, alignment, and execution converge, paving the way for organizational excellence.

Note: This training package includes:
1. A3 Hoshin Planning PPT training presentation
(PowerPoint format, 16:9 widescreen)
2. A3 Hoshin Planning templates (Excel format)

Learning Objectives


1. Master the hoshin planning process by translating the "True North" to the A3.
2. Gain proficiency in using the A3 tool for effective hoshin deployment.
3. Comprehend the Check and Adjust process for strategic review.


1. Key Concepts and Principles of Hoshin Planning
2. True North, A3 and Bridging the Gap
3. Hoshin Formulation and Deployment
4. A3 Template Overview
5. The A3 Completion Sequence
6. A3 Breakdown: Step-by-step Guide
7. Check and Adjust (Strategic Review)
8. Success Factors for A3 Hoshin Planning

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