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PPT: Six Sigma Overview Training Presentation
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Six Sigma Overview



​In today's competitive environment, organizations must delight their customers and relentlessly look for new ways to exceed their expectations. To accomplish this, Six Sigma Quality has to become a part of an organization’s culture. Six Sigma provides a rigorous and structured approach to help organizations improve their performance in meeting their customers' requirements.  

This Six Sigma PPT training presentation introduces you to the Six Sigma philosophy, methodology and tools and the infrastructure for successful Six Sigma deployment without delving too much into statistics. It includes applications of Six Sigma in manufacturing, process and service industries, step-by-step DMAIC improvement approach, phase description and deliverables, and roles of the Leadership team, Champion, Process Owner, Black Belt and Green Belt. ​


Learning Objectives

  • Explain how Six Sigma improves business performance

  • Describe the Six Sigma philosophy and approach to continuous improvement

  • Define process variability

  • Describe the DMAIC improvement methodology

  • Recognize which Six Sigma tools to use for a particular problem

  • Identify Six Sigma roles and responsibilities, project selection and project management to realize the benefits


  • Overview of Six Sigma

  • Key Concepts of Six Sigma

  • Applications of Six Sigma in Manufacturing, Process & Service Industries

  • Six Sigma DMAIC Methodology

  • Six Sigma Toolkit

  • Organizing for Six Sigma

  • Project Selection and Management

  • Critical Success Factors

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