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PPT: Creativity Techniques Training Presentation
American Express
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Creativity: How to Generate Innovative Ideas

“Creativity is one of the last remaining legal ways of gaining an unfair advantage over the competition.”

Ed McCabe



This training presentation teaches the skills to generate new innovative ideas using 13 creativity methods based on Design Thinking and Lean Thinking (including industrial engineering) approaches by harnessing the power of the left and right brain. They include:

  1. Brainstorming

  2. Listing faults

  3. Listing wishes

  4. Listing characteristics

  5. The Gordon method

  6. Brainwriting

  7. Osborn's checklist

  8. Nyaka method

  9. NHK method

  10. What if?


  12. 5W1H and ECRS

  13. Rules for motion economy


A good idea is not only implementable, but also increases customer satisfaction, improves productivity and enhances employee motivation and enthusiasm.

You will also find numerous examples of ideas for improvement which could be adopted or adapted directly for various functions in your organization ranging from Sales and Administration to Operations and Technology. 

Learning Objectives


​1. Describe the methods for generating innovative ideas
2. Learn effective approaches to motivate employees to submit ideas
3. Review various categories of examples of ideas for improvement
4. Familiarize with the checklist for improvement to look for problems
5. Learn how to develop "Kaizen Eyes"


1. Methods for Generating Innovative Ideas

2. Examples of Effective Procedures

3. Examples of Ideas for Improvement 

4. Checklist for Improvement

5. Ways to Develop "Kaizen Eyes"

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