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8D Problem Solving Report Template



This is a simple PowerPoint template to compile an Eight Disciplines (8D) problem solving report. 


The 8D process includes:

  • D0: Plan    ​

  • D1: Initiate project team

  • D2: Define the problem

  • D3: Implement containment actions

  • D4: Identify root causes

  • D5: Develop and verify solution

  • D6: Implement corrective actions

  • D7: Prevent recurrence

  • D8: Recognize project team

Simply follow the guidelines in the slides and insert your own content. Illustrations are provided so that you will quickly know at a glance what is required under each discipline or step of the 8D process. A list of deliverables is included at the end of each step which is helpful in guiding the team what to include in the report. 

Note: This package includes:

1.  8D Report Template (PowerPoint format)

2.  8D Report Worksheet (Word format)

3.  8D Is/Is Not Worksheet (Excel format)

Note: If you had previously purchased the 8D Problem Solving training presentation, the 8D Problem Solving Report Template was already included in the training package and you need not purchase it again.


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