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PPT: 6 Steps of Kaizen Training Presentation
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Six Steps of Kaizen

6 Basic Steps to Improvement


The Six Steps of Kaizen articulates the six improvement steps that are practiced by Toyota during the past few decades. It focuses on the skills, methods and analysis techniques. Please note that this process is not about running western-style five-day Kaizen "events" or "blitzs," selecting areas for Kaizen or detailing best practices for running such workshops. Five-day implementation workshops were in reality quite rare during the development of Toyota's production system and are virtually non-existent today inside Toyota.

In this presentation, the focus is to articulate the basic six-step Kaizen improvement skills pattern that was taught inside Toyota. The steps are similar to other improvement programs in the past as well as problem solving and the scientific method. It is hoped that this simple and powerful process will help practitioners of Kaizen to improve their own skill level and confidence with this topic. 

The Kaizen skills concepts described in this presentation should be of value to you whether you choose to use a five-day workshop model for implementation or some other vehicle (e.g. 5S, standardization, waste elimination) for improvement. 

Implementing the Six Steps of Kaizen will facilitate your company or organization to achieve a new standard or level of performance and enhance your competitiveness.

In this highly detailed Six Steps of Kaizen PPT training presentation, you will review the same methods and techniques that are harnessed by generations of Toyota supervisors, managers and engineers. They include techniques for uncovering waste, waste analysis and generating ideas for improvement. Mastery of these timeless techniques will improve your ability to conduct improvement in almost any setting and generate improvement results for your organization.

NOTE: This training package includes:

1. Six Steps of Kaizen PPT training presentation (PowerPoint format)

2. Six Steps of Kaizen poster (PDF format)

3. Kaizen poster (PDF format)

Learning Objectives 


  1. Understand the principles and key concepts of Kaizen

  2. Acquire in-depth knowledge on the six basic steps of Kaizen

  3. Understand the application of the key techniques and tools of Kaizen

  4. Define the critical success factors in developing and sustaining a Kaizen culture


1. Introduction to Kaizen

  • What is Kaizen?

  • The Importance of Kaizen

  • Work vs. Waste

  • Eight Types of Waste

  • Cost Reduction Principle

  • Six Steps of Kaizen

2. Step 1: Discover Improvement Potential

  • Kaizen vs. Problem Solving

  • Kaizen Attitude

  • Analytical Skills for Kaizen

  • Compare Performance Standards

  • Production Analysis Board

  • Using the Back Door

  • Five S

  • The Eight Deadly Waste

3. Step 2: Analyze the Current Methods

  • Basic Analysis Methods

  • Work Analysis

  • TWI Job Methods Analysis

  • Standardized Work

  • Equipment Loss Analysis

  • Value-Added Flow Chart

  • Flow Analysis Chart

4. Step 3: Generate Original Ideas

  • Common Roadblocks to Creativity

  • Brainstorming

  • Listing Faults

  • Listing Wishes

  • Listing Characteristics

  • The Gordon Method

  • Osborn's Checklist

  • 5W1H & ECRS

  • Brainwriting

  • Nyaka Method

  • NHK Method


  • What If?

  • Rules of Motion Economy

  • Assessment of Ideas


5. Step 4: Develop an Implementation Plan

  • Key Points in Planning

  • Example of Implementation Plan with Status Update

6. Step 5: Implement the Plan

  • Communication

  • Training

  • Positive Attitude

7. Step 6: Evaluate the New Method

  • Evaluate the Method

  • Effect Confirmation

  • Follow Up

  • Kaizen Summary Sheet

8. Critical success factors

  • Keys to Success

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