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ISO 10000:2018 (Complaints-handling) Awareness Training


ISO 10002:2018, the renowned Guidelines for Complaints Handling developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), empowers organizations to excel in customer satisfaction through an efficient and effective complaints-handling process. This document provides comprehensive guidance to plan, design, develop, operate, maintain, and continuously improve the complaints-handling process for all types of commercial or non-commercial activities, including electronic commerce.

The value of ISO 10002:2018 extends to both organizations and their stakeholders, including customers and complainants. By leveraging the information obtained through the complaints-handling process, organizations can drive significant improvements in products, services, and processes. Properly handled complaints lead to enhanced organizational reputation, regardless of size, location, or sector, making it a valuable asset in the global marketplace.

An effective and efficient complaints-handling process directly impacts customer satisfaction. By encouraging customer feedback, including complaints, organizations can seize opportunities to enhance customer loyalty, approval, and competitiveness in both domestic and international markets.

The implementation of ISO 10002:2018 empowers organizations to achieve several key objectives:

  • Provide complainants with access to an open and responsive complaints-handling process.

  • Establish a basis for continuous review, analysis, and process improvements.

  • Resolve complaints consistently, systematically, and responsively to satisfy both the complainant and the organization.

  • Identify trends and eliminate root causes of complaints, leading to improved operations and processes.

  • Cultivate a customer-focused approach, encouraging personnel to enhance their customer service skills.

ISO 10002:2018 complements other ISO management systems, such as ISO 9001, to create a cohesive approach to quality and customer satisfaction. By integrating ISO 10002 with existing systems, organizations can streamline their objectives and optimize process efficiency.

This document provides comprehensive guidelines for the process of complaints handling related to products and services within an organization. It encompasses planning, design, development, operation, maintenance, and improvement. The described complaints-handling process is suitable for use as one of the processes of an overall quality management system.

This ISO 10002:2018 (Complaints-handling) Awareness PowerPoint Presentation equips organizations and individuals such as customer-facing employees, customer service teams and quality managers with essential knowledge on customer satisfaction, complaints-handling, and ISO 10002's principles. Gain an in-depth overview of ISO 10002's contents, understand its significance in revolutionizing customer relations, and gather practical tips for successful implementation.

Learning Objectives

1. Acquire knowledge on customer satisfaction and complaints-handling.
2. Gain an overview of the ISO 10002 standard and its contents.
3. Gather practical tips on how to get started with ISO 10002.


1. Introduction to Customer Satisfaction

  • What is Customer Satisfaction?

  • ISO 10002 Definition of Customer Satisfaction

  • Importance of Customer Satisfaction

  • The Customer Experience Journey

  • Measuring Customer Satisfaction

  • Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction

  • ISO 10002 Definition of Complaint

  • The ROI of Customer Satisfaction

  • Strategies to Improve Customer Satisfaction

  • Building a Customer-centric Culture

2. Overview of ISO 10002

  • ISO in Brief

  • What are Standards?

  • What Standards are Not

  • Why are Standards Important?

  • Introduction to ISO 10002

  • What is ISO 10002?

  • Purpose of ISO 10002

  • Key Benefits of ISO 10002

  • Who can Benefit from ISO 10002?

  • Emphasis on Process Approach

  • Risk-based Management

  • ISO 10002 Relationship with ISO 9001 and ISO 9004

  • ISO 10002 Relationship with ISO 10001, ISO 10003 and ISO 10004

  • ISO 10002 can be Used with other ISO Management Systems in Different Industries

  • Is ISO 10002 a Certification Model?

3. Contents of ISO 10002

  • Table of Contents of ISO 10002

  • The Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Process Model

  • ISO 10002:2018 Key Clause Structure (4-8)

  • Clause 4 - Guiding Principles

  • Clause 5 - Complaints Handling Framework

  • Clause 6 - Planning, Design and Development

  • Clause 7 - Operation of Complaints-handling Process

  • Clause 8 - Maintenance and Improvement

  • Complaints-handling Flowchart

  • The PDCA Cycle is the Engine of Continuous Improvement

  • Continual Improvement

4. Getting Started with ISO 10002

  • Getting Started with ISO 10002

  • Phase 1 - Preparation

  • Phase 2 - Planning and Design

  • Phase 3 - Implementation

  • Phase 4 - Monitoring and Improvement

  • Critical Success Factors

  • Conclusion

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