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PPT: Effective Communication Training Presentation
American Express
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Effective Communication


Effective communication skills are a critical aspect in your career and personal lives. In today's flexible working model where employees work from home and the office, it is even more important to understand the communication process so that we can enhance the effectiveness of our messages to our supervisors, colleagues, external stakeholders, and including friends and relatives.

In the business environment, it is essential that we use a variety of communication techniques to both understand and be understood. However, messages are often distorted or misunderstood. The distortion of the message can happen at any of the stages in the communication process.

In this Effective Communication PPT training presentation, you will learn the key concept and principles of effective communication, understand the communication process and the key stages, learn how to practice active listening and other useful communication techniques, and finally make use of a simple 7-step process to ensure effective communication. The guidelines or practices presented are used by consultants in the top tier consulting firms.

Learning Objectives

1. Acquire knowledge on the key concept and principles of communication.
2. Describe the communication process and the elements.
3. Learn practical tips and approaches to enhance communication.


1. Key Concept & Principles of Communication

2. Communication Process & Key Elements

3. How to be a Good Communicator?

4. Active Listening Skills

5. Non-verbal Communication Skills

6. Giving & Receiving Feedback

7. Managing Conflict

8. 7 Steps to Effective Communication

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