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Effective Meetings


There are good meetings, and there are bad meetings.  Bad meetings appear to drag on forever, they never seem to get to the point and are a waste of time. Effective meetings leave us energized and feel that we have really accomplished something.  


This Effective Meetings PPT training presentation provides a simple three-step process for running effective meetings.  It includes planning, conducting the meeting, review and follow up, as well as useful tips for successful meetings.  To be able to conduct effective meetings is in line with basic Lean practices. The guidelines or practices presented are used by consultants in the top tier consulting firms.


Learning Objectives

1.  Make the necessary preparations for a meeting to achieve the desired outcomes

2.  Run an effective meeting

3.  Perform a meeting evaluation and follow up 




1.  Introduction to Effective Meetings

  • Types of meetings

  • Developing and using the agenda

  • Meeting tools and techniques

  • The key messages

  • Meeting roles and responsibilities

  • The 3 steps for effective meetings

2.  Preparing for the Meeting

  • Plan more, meet less

  • Establish a need for a meeting

  • Develop a clear agenda and meeting process

  • Guidelines for an effective agenda

  • Ensure a  proper meeting environment

  • Identify and overcome potential barriers

3.  Running the Meeting

  • Follow the agenda for a successful meeting

  • Post and follow ground rules

  • Get expectations

  • Record ideas

  • Flip chart techniques

  • Bring to closure with next steps

4.  Evaluating the Meeting

  • Meetings as a continuous process

  • Evaluate meeting and incorporate builds into next meeting design

  • Publish next steps

5.  The Team Development Model

  • Forming

  • Storming

  • Norming

  • Performing

6.  Secrets to Successful Meetings

  • Pre-position

  • Benefits before concerns

  • Straw models

  • Participative decision making

  • Active listening

  • Headlining

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