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Effective Facilitation

Guidelines for Facilitating Meetings & Workshops


Getting the most out of a group of people working together in a meeting or workshop is not always easy. Sometimes, for various reasons, the potential of the group is just never realized.


To be effective as a professional facilitator, the facilitator has to be well-prepared and employ a range of tools and techniques to create a defined structure and process and guide participants through the meeting or workshop to achieve a certain goal or learning outcome.  


This Effective Facilitation PPT training presentation provides guidelines in the form of tips and techniques for facilitating a learning environment to enhance learning and ensure a smooth training session. These guidelines are useful for consultants who are facilitating a learning environment or workshop such as strategic planning, problem solving, goal setting, leading discussion and feedback sessions, conducting reviews and evaluations, needs analysis or team building. The guidelines or practices presented are used by consultants in the top tier consulting firms.




  1. Creating a Positive Atmosphere

  2. Keys to Maintaining Control

  3. Adult Learning

  4. Session Leader’s Role

  5. Co-Facilitation

  6. Presentation Techniques

  7. Managing the Content

  8. Handling Difficult & Sensitive Situations

  9. Using Questions to Involve participants

  10. Listening 

  11. Keeping Participants Balanced

  12. Monitoring Exercise Activities

  13. Managing the Process

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