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Change Management Methodology



Change is the only constant in the work environment today. For change to be successful, it has to be effectively managed. To achieve this, it is essential that the human aspects of change be addressed throughout the change process.


This easy-to-follow Change Management Methodology provides a step-by-step blueprint for change managers to successfully implement and sustain change in their work environment.


Use this guide to enhance the effectiveness of your project management and process improvement programs. This guide is applicable to all types of organizations and can be easily incorporated into your organization's SOP.


1. Analyze Current Situation

  • Identify reason for change

  • Assess readiness for change

  • Assess impact of change

  • Identify gaps

  • Gather feedback

2. Plan & Launch Program

  • Define change strategy

  • Set up change infrastructure

  • Create awareness and get buy-in

  • Develop and communicate plans

  • Develop skills

  • Launch pilot project

3. Monitor Progress

  • Monitor change process

  • Overcome resistance to change

  • Audit for behavioral changes

  • Measure effectiveness

  • Provide support

4. Evaluate Effectiveness

  • Review results

  • Share success stories

  • Provide follow up support

  • Reward and recognize