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PPT: 5S Implementation Guide
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5S Implementation Guidebook

Eight Steps of 5S Implementation



The 5S Implementation Guidebook explains the 5S concept in a simplified, step-by-step format so as to serve as a quick 5S implementation reference.


This 5S Implementation PPT training presentation provides you with practical guidelines on how to implement 5S in your organization. Following a Plan-Do-Check-Act approach, the guide includes key steps such as setting up a 5S steering committee, defining a 5S implementation plan, developing a communications campaign, training and education, selecting model areas, company-wide rollout, conducting 5S audits, and management review and improvement. It also provides guidelines for red-tagging and techniques and tools for sustaining 5S.


This guidebook offers you detailed information on how your organization could integrate each ‘S’ into your work processes and systems so as to build a culture of continuous improvement.

Note: This training package includes:

  1. 5S Implementation PPT Guidebook (PowerPoint format)

  2. 5S poster (PDF format, in color and monochrome, printable in A3 size)

  3. Office 5S poster (PDF format, in color and monochrome, printable in A3 size)

5S Implementation Process

Learning Objectives​​


  1. Acquire knowledge on the 5S management concept and principles

  2. Learn the step-by-step approach to 5S planning and implementation

  3. Learn practical tips and strategies to sustain 5S



1. 5S Management Techniques

  • Sort​

  • Set In Order

  • Shine

  • Standardize

  • Sustain

2. Guidelines for Red-Tagging

  • Overview of Red-Tagging​

  • Steps in Red-Tagging

3. 5S: Step-by-Step Implementation

  • Step 1: Establish a 5S Steering Committee

  • Step 2: Define a 5S Implementation Plan

  • Step 3: Launch Communications Campaign

  • Step 4: Provide 5S Training & Education

  • Step 5: Start 5S Pilots

  • Step 6: Mass Rollout

  • Step 7: Conduct 5S Audits

  • Step 8: Review & Improve

4. Sustaining 5S Implementation

  • Role of Management​

  • Role of Employees

  • Techniques & Tools to Sustain 5S

5. Keys to Success

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