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TPM Self-Assessment Guidebook & Tool



The Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Excellence Award is conferred by the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM) to recognize organizations that have attained a high level of manufacturing excellence. The TPM excellence initiative helps organizations to know where they are on the excellence journey and what they need to do to achieve a higher level of performance. This is done through a thorough assessment of organizational performance against the requirements of an internationally benchmarked TPM excellence framework.

Developed by our JIPM-certified TPM consultantthe guidebook can be used to perform the TPM self-assessment process. Use the tool to benchmark your organization's TPM performance in ten areas of evaluation based on the TPM excellence criteria and checklist items for the Category B award.  The total score will give you a baseline of where you are, and the identified strengths and areas for improvement will help you chart an action plan to improve overall performance. 


Note: This package includes:

1.  TPM self-assessment guidebook (PowerPoint format)

2.  TPM self-assessment tool (Word format)


Learning Objectives​

  1. Understand the TPM framework based on the JIPM standard for world-class manufacturing excellence

  2. Define the TPM Criteria and Evaluation Areas

  3. Describe the Point Values and Scoring Guidelines

  4. Conduct a systematic TPM self-assessment and identify areas for improvement

  5. Establish a baseline position so you can measure your progress over time





1. Overview of the TPM Excellence Model

  • About JIPM

  • Objectives of JIPM

  • Purpose of TPM Excellence Award

  • Benefits of Applying for TPM Recognition

  • Key Characteristics of the TPM Model

  • JIPM Award Categories

  • TPM Recognition - Reference Documents

2. Criteria for TPM Excellence

  • TPM Excellence Model

  • Assessment Criteria ("Basic Conditions")

  • 10 Assessment Areas

  • TPM Metrics: What to Measure?

  • TPM Pillars & Activities

  • Approach 

  • Deployment

  • Results

3. Award Criteria Guidance Points

  • Guidance Points Distribution

  • Guidance Points for the 10 Areas of Evaluation

  • Guidance Points for Each Checklist Item

4. Scoring Guidelines

  • Scoring Guidelines - Bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6

  • Anatomy of Self-assessment Checklist

  • How to Conduct the Self-assessment

  • Guidelines on Using the Self-assessment Tool

  • Scoring Each Category & Item

  • Writing the Strengths & Areas for Improvement

5. TPM Self-assessment

  • Purpose of Self-assessment

  • Role of Self-assessment Team

  • Senior Management Commitment

  • The Self-assessment Cycle

6. Post TPM Self-assessment 

  • Follow-up Actions

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