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Lean Management Assessment


It is a good practice to periodically assess the overall status of your Lean implementation. The Lean Management System Assessment is based on the application of plan, do, check, act (PDCA) thinking embedded in Lean, an idea derived from the Lean principle of pursuit of perfection.

This is a simple and practical tool to assess the overall status of your Lean management implementation covering eight dimensions: Visual Controls, Standard Accountability Processes, Leader Standard Work, Value Stream Mapping, Process Definition, Process Discipline, Process Improvement and Root Cause Problem Solving.

In addition, the eight dimensions of assessment are evaluated across five levels of maturity: "Pre-Lean," "Starting," "Recognizable," "Stabilizing" and "Sustaining."

Together, they cover process and behavior and serve as standards for your organization, business unit and/or sub-unit to strive toward Lean excellence. 

NOTE: This assessment package consists of:
1. Lean Management Assessment guide
(PowerPoint format)
2. Lean Management Assessment Worksheets (PowerPoint format)
3. Radar Chart (for score profiling, Excel format)

Benefits of Assessment

1. The dimensions and questions themselves should help to clarify what you are working toward, for yourself and for the rest of your organization.

2. An assessment should tell you where you stand relative to your standards and relative to your earlier status.

3. The results of an assessment will help you identify where you need to focus efforts to improve.



1.  Overview of Lean Management Assessment

  • Introduction to the Lean Management Assessment

  • Benefits of Assessment

  • The Assessment Framework

  • Eights Dimensions (Categories) of Assessment

  • Five Levels of Maturity

2.  Scoring System

  • 5-point Rating Scale

  • Example - Score Profile Data for Lean Management Assessment (Table)

  • Example - Score Profile Data for Lean Management Assessment (Radar Chart)

3.  Assessment Criteria

  • Visual Controls

  • Standard Accountability Processes

  • Leader Standard Work

  • Value Stream Mapping

  • Process Definition

  • Process Discipline

  • Process Improvement

  • Root Cause Problem Solving


4.  Assessment Guidelines

  • Conducting an Assessment

  • When Should You Assess?

  • Who Should Assess?

  • Interpreting the Result

Appendix - Lean Management Assessment Worksheets

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