PPT: ISO 20121 (Event Sustainability Management System) Awareness Training Presentation
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ISO 20121:2012 (Event Sustainability Management Systems) Awareness


ISO 20121:2012 specifies requirements for an Event Sustainability Management System (ESMS) for any type of event or event-related activity, and provides guidance on conforming to those requirements.

The ISO 20121:2012 international standard provides state-of-the-art solutions for the event industry worldwide, and provides business, government and society with practical tools for all three dimensions of sustainable development: economic, environmental and social.

This presentation is designed for briefing your employees, new hires and potential auditees so as to create awareness of the ISO 20121 standard. Alternatively, the presentation may be used to supplement your materials for the training of ESMS professionals and internal auditors.

It covers the what and why of ISO 20121, the ESMS clause structure, and also offers practical tips on how to handle an audit session. When you are done teaching this material to your employees, they will be much more informed and comfortable with ISO 20121.

Learning Objectives

1. Provide background knowledge on ISO 20121
2. Gain an overview of ISO 20121 structure
3. Understand the ISO 20121 certification process
4. Gather useful tips on handling the audit session


1. Overview of ISO 20121
ISO in Brief
What are Standards?
What Standards are Not
Why are Standards Important?
What is ISO 20121?
Who Developed ISO 20121?
Who is ISO 20121 For?
What are Events?
How does ISO 20121 Work?
ISO 20121 is Applicable to Organization Who Wishes to...
Benefits of ISO 20121
Advantages of Certification

2. ISO 20121 Structure
Annex L
Overview of Annex L
The ISO 20121 Structure is Aligned to the Common Structure for MSS
HLS: The Same Core Elements
The Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Process Model
ISO 20121 Approach is Based on the PDCA Model
PDCA and ISO 20121 Clause Structure
The ISO 20121 Process Model
ISO 20121 Key Clause Structure (4-10)
- Context of the Organization
- Leadership
- Planning
- Support
- Operation
- Performance Evaluation
- Improvement

3. ISO 20121Certification
Becoming ISO 20121 Certified
ISO 20121 Certification Process
Audit Findings

4. Handling the Audit Session
Rights of Auditee
Rights of Auditor
How to Handle the Audit Session?
Auditee's Conduct
Do's and Don'ts

Appendix - ISO 20121:2012 Detailed Clause Structure

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