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Gemba Walk



In business, 'Gemba' refers to the place where value is created and improved. The 'Gemba Walk' is an activity that takes management to the front lines to look for waste (non-value added activities) and opportunities.


The objective of Gemba Walk is to grasp the situation by involving everyone touching the process to understand the Purpose, Process, and People. It is only when the situation is understood that improvement is possible and more likely to succeed.


By teaching this Gemba Walk PPT presentation to management teams, they will have a better understanding of the correct approach to implementing Gemba Walk and sustaining a Lean culture. 




1.  Introduction to Gemba Walk

  • What is Gemba?

  • Why Gemba?

  • What is a Gemba Walk?

  • Difference Between Gemba Walks and Management By Walking Around

  • What Gemba Walk is Not

  • Why Gemba Walk?

  • Who's Doing It?

  • Three Keys to Lean Leadership

  • Go See, Ask Why, Show Respect

  • Objective of Gemba Walk

  • Your Approach is Key

2.  The 4 Steps of Gemba Walk

  • Gemba Walk: Four Steps to Gemba Success

  • Step 1 - Know Your Purpose

  • Step 2 - Know Your Gemba

  • Step 3 - Observe the Framework

  • Step 4 - Validate

  • Gemba Walk - Don'ts


3.  The 3 MUs: Muda, Mura & Muri

  • What are the 3 MUs?

  • Explanation of the 3 MUs

  • Approach for the 3 MUs

  • What is Muda (Waste)?

  • What is Mura (Unevenness)?

  • What is Muri (Overburden)?

  • How Seeing the 3 MUs Helps our Kaizen Eyes


4.  Kaizen Eyes: Ability to See Opportunities for Improvement

  • Ways to Develop Kaizen Eyes


5.  Taking the Gemba Walk

  • Implementing the Gemba Walk

  • Good Questions to Ask During a Post-walk Refection

  • Focal Points

  • Tips for Observing

  • Keys to Successful Gemba Walks

  • Getting Started

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