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customer journey mapping workshop

Walking in your customer's shoes to understand, reimagine and create new experiences.


Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) is a vital process that helps businesses to capture and communicate complex interactions to provide a better understanding of the complete experience a customer may have with a product or service.

Unfortunately, many organizations treat each customer interaction as an isolated event, which often results in missed opportunities to improve the overall customer journey. CJM allows businesses to gain greater customer insight and cater to their customer's end-to-end journey, improving the quality of customer experience while reducing costs.

Our action-oriented workshop offers participants an opportunity to work in small teams guided by our design facilitators to reimagine the end-to-end customer journey and create new experiences. Participants will learn design-based techniques to gain insight and yield innovative solutions, including building empathy through research, creating personas, visualizing the customer journey, identifying moments of truth, and creating new experiences.

Join our CJM workshop to gain valuable skills that can be applied to your business and help you to develop a deeper understanding of your customers, leading to improved customer experience and business growth.

Journey Mapping Workshop: Interviewing the customer to gain insights into her pains and gains.
Journey Mapping Workshop: Visualizing the pain points along the customer journey.
Journey Mapping Workshop: Mapping out the "as is" customer journey for analysis and improvement.
Journey Mapping Workshop: Applying ideation techniques to improve the customer experience.

Recommended Audience

This workshop is ideal for any professional, manager or staff who are responsible for improving customer experience and are looking for a more practical, disciplined approach to use within their organization.


  • This is an experiential workshop, which emphasises engagement, interaction and practice​

  • Participants should expect short presentations that introduce content, examples, case studies, video presentations, group activities for skills practice, and group discussions for reflection that deepens their learning

  • Participants will be given a challenge that requires them to work in teams to create a persona, map the existing customer journey, identify improvement opportunities and then redesign new experiences for the target customer

Learning Objectives

  1. Acquire knowledge on the key concepts of customer journey mapping

  2. Learn about the importance of design personas and how to create them

  3. Identify the key elements of an effective customer journey map and go through the key steps for developing a draft customer journey map for a target customer

  4. ​Learn the methods of ideation and explore ways to improve customer experiences based on moments of truth identified in customer journey maps.

  5. Develop an action plan for getting immediate and long-term value from customer journey maps

Workshop Outline

Key Concepts of Customer Journey Mapping

  • Introduction to customer experience

  • Challenges in delivering full end-to-end customer experience

  • What is a customer journey map?

  • Touchpoints and channels

  • Moments of truth

  • Why create a customer journey map?

  • Examples of customer journey maps

  • Key attributes of a journey map

  • Types of journey maps and their applications


Key Elements of a Customer Journey Map

  • Personas

  • Stages

  • Goals

  • Doing

  • Thinking

  • Feeling

  • Metrics

  • Opportunities

Workshop 1: Create Persona

  • Identify a customer segment for journey mapping

  • Create the customer profile: identify jobs-to-be-done, pains and gains

  • Develop an Empathy Map for the customer segment

Five Steps of Customer Journey Mapping Process

  • Step 1: Define objectives and scope

  • Step 2: Conduct internal research

  • Step 3: Create personas

  • Step 4: Map the customer journey

  • Step 5: Activate the organization

Workshop 2: Map the Customer Journey

  • Organize the journey into stages

  • Define customer's goals and expectations

  • Define what the customer is doing, including their thoughts and feelings

  • Map quantitative and qualitative data/information  onto the journey

  • Identify opportunities for improvement and innovation

Ideation Techniques

  • Rules of ideation

  • Ideation methods: Brainwriting, Problem Brainstorming, Sharing Brainstorming, SCAMPER and What If

  • Ideas evaluation matrix

Workshop 3: Design Hypothesis & Action Planning

  • Create a design hypothesis

  • Develop an action plan


Award of Certificate

Certificate of Attendance will be issued to participants who have attended at least 75% of the workshop


1 day


"This course provides a different insight into solving organization, customer problems."

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