value stream mapping


Discovering Waste and Bottlenecks to Improve Flow.


​Value stream mapping is a Lean technique used to analyze and design the flow of materials and information required to bring a product or service to a consumer.

Understanding the complete value chain of a product or service is a fundamental part of a Lean enterprise and the first step in beginning a Lean implementation program.

Value Stream Mapping allows organizations to understand where their resources are tied up in attempting to deliver a product or service to their customers.  After analyzing and identifying where the waste are, you can then develop and implement future state maps to improve on their key performance indicators.

The value stream mapping technique can be applied to both manufacturing and service organizations. ​

This two-day workshop provides a step-by-step instruction to enable participants to create current state and future state value stream maps, and to identify opportunities to achieve the future state that have the greatest impacts on the business as well as customer value.​

You will learn how the critical tool of value stream mapping and analysis helps your organization see waste and opportunities, and envision a Lean future state.  

Recommended Audience

This course is designed for any business leader, professional, manager or individual contributor wishing to gain practical know-how on the principles, process and tools of Value Stream Mapping.


  • Lectures, video presentations, group activities and discussions and Q&A

  • Examples of current state and future state value stream maps

  • Participants will be required to identify a business process that requires them to work in teams to map the current state value stream and assess improvement opportunities to achieve the future state

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:


  1. Gain an overview of Lean concepts, principles, methods and tools

  2. Acquire deep insights about your current work systems and the related barriers to delivering value

  3. Design a future state that enables outstanding performance

  4. Develop action plan to achieve the future state and lay the foundation for continued improvement

Workshop Outline

1. Review of Lean Concepts, Principles & Methods

Key concepts and principles of Lean

Understanding value and waste

Lean methods and tools

Introduction to Value Stream Mapping and icons

Overview of the four-step Value Stream Mapping process

2. Defining the Product/Service Family

Define and scope problem

Pick product/service family

Determine VSM objective and benefits

Create VSM charter

3. Documenting the Current State

Map current state value stream

Quantify current state value stream performance

Analyze and identify improvement opportunities

4. Designing the Future State

Develop future state value stream map

Prioritize improvement project

5. Creating an Implementation Plan

Develop implementation plan

Seek management approval

Implement the plan and monitor  progress

Award of Certificate

Certificate of Attendance will be issued to participants who have attended at least 75% of the workshop


2 days


"Learnt in-depth about VSM and lean culture. The lean culture is a good culture to inject into the normal daily work."​


Assembly Department,

Micron Semiconductor Asia Pte Ltd

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