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value proposition canvas


A shared language for improving value propositions or creating new ones.


The Value Proposition Canvas is a tool developed by Strategyzer which can be used to understand your customers’ needs, and design products and services they want.


Understanding your value proposition for each customer segment is a fundamental part of a customer-centric organization and the first step in beginning a customer-centricity initiative. Based on proven Design Thinking principles, the Value Proposition Canvas allows your organization to understand the extent of which your products and services are able to meet customers' most critical needs in the post-COVID-19 era.

This practice-oriented workshop provides a step-by-step instruction to enable you to map and improve existing value propositions, as well as develop new ones that matter the most to customers.


You will learn how the critical tool of Value Proposition Canvas helps your organization visualize disconnects and opportunities, serves as a shared language of understanding, and facilitates the creation of a value proposition that alleviate extreme pains and create essential gains that customers care about.

Understanding the customer profile, including the pains and gains.
Understanding the current product and service offerings in meetings customers' expectations.
Analyzing the disconnects and opportunities to enhance value proposition.
Applying ideation techniques to enhance value proposition for a target customer segment.

Recommended Audience

This workshop is recommended for any business leader, functional head, professional and manager wishing to gain practical know-how on the principles, process and tools of Value Proposition Design to improve their product and service offerings that meet customers’ expectations or invent new ones.


  • This is an experiential workshop, which emphasises engagement, interaction, and practice

  • Participants should expect short presentations that introduce content, video presentations, examples, case studies, group activities for skills practice, and group discussions for reflection that deepens their learning

  • Participants will work in groups to create a Value Proposition Canvas for an existing or new customer segment, followed by presentation and discussion

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the purpose and benefits of the Value Proposition Canvas in developing customer-centric products and services.

  2. Learn the key components of the Value Proposition Canvas and how they interact to create value for customers.

  3. Gain insights into customer needs, pains, and gains through effective customer research and analysis.

  4. Develop the ability to define customer segments and their specific needs.

  5. Learn how to create compelling value propositions that address customer needs and differentiate your offerings.

Workshop Outline

1. Introduction to Value Proposition Canvas

  • Overview of the importance of value proposition in business

  • Introduction to the Value Proposition Canvas framework

  • Explanation of the two components: Customer Profile and Value Map

2. Understanding Customers

  • Techniques for understanding customer needs and preferences

  • Identifying customer segments and their characteristics

3. Customer Profile

  • Deep dive into the Customer Profile section of the Value Proposition Canvas

  • Identifying customer jobs, pains, and gains

  • Mapping customer characteristics and behaviors

4. Value Map

  • Exploring the Value Map section of the Value Proposition Canvas

  • Defining product or service features and benefits

  • Assessing how value is delivered and differentiated from competitors

5. Aligning Customer Needs and Value

  • Analyzing the intersection between customer needs and value elements

  • Identifying opportunities for value creation and improvement

  • Crafting value propositions that address customer pain points and fulfill desired gains

6. Application and Action Planning

  • Applying the Value Proposition Canvas to real-life business scenarios

  • Developing action plans to refine and communicate value propositions effectively

Award of Certificate

Certificate of Attendance will be issued to participants who have attended at least 75% of the workshop


1 day

Get started with Value Proposition Canvas training

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