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PPT: Managing Cash Flow Training Presentation
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Managing Cash Flow



Cash flow is the flow of money in and out of the business. Managing your cash flow is vital for business survival and growth, even if you have existing cost savings programs in your organization.


The impact of disasters such as the pandemic outbreak has driven the global economy into a recession and many businesses are only just trying to survive. Before taking drastic actions such as cutting salaries and staff, now may be a good time to review your current cash flow performance to stem unnecessary cash outflow and eliminate the cost of waste in your processes.


To run your business effectively, you need to balance the timing and amount of your expenses with those of your income. This Managing Cash Flow PPT training presentation explains the various areas you need to consider when managing and improving cash flow in your business.  


Note: This training presentation is accompanied by a cash flow forecast template in Excel format. ​


Learning Objectives


  1. Explain what cash flow means

  2. Understand the cash flow cycle and importance of cash flow to a business

  3. Identify major causes of cash flow problems

  4. Define strategies to improve cash flow

  5. Gain knowledge on eliminating waste to improve cash flow

  6. Learn how to forecast cash flow



1.  Introduction to Cash Flow

  • Introduction

  • How to measure cash

  • What is cash flow?

  • What are the cash inflows and outflows?

  • Why is cash flow so important?

  • Cash "flows" around a business

  • Manage your income and expenditure


2.  Causes of Cash Flow Problems

  • What is cash flow problem?

  • Main causes of cash flow problem

  • Profit is the most important source of cash

  • Too much spending on production capacity

  • Too much inventory

  • Allowing customers too much credit

  • Overtrading

  • Unexpected economic and business changes

  • Seasonal demand


3.  Strategies to Improve Cash Flow

  • How to handle cash flow problems

  • The importance of cash flow forecasting

  • Managing working capital

  • Improving working capital

  • Managing debtors

  • Debt financing

  • Credit Control

  • Trade Creditors

  • Managing stocks

  • Cash management

  • Improving the cash position

  • Price discounting

  • Bank overdraft versus bank loan

  • Sale of assets

  • Sale and leaseback

  • Checklist for improving cash flow


4.  Improving Cash Flow Through Waste Elimination

  • The eight types of waste

  • Waste elimination and cash flow

  • Hard and soft savings

  • The eight types of waste in a production system

  • Overproduction

  • Excess inventory

  • Transportation

  • Defects 

  • Over-processing

  • Motion

  • Waiting

  • Intellectual waste


5.  Cash Flow Forecasting

  • Budget versus forecast

  • Cash flow forecasts

  • Elements of a cash flow forecast

  • Example of cash flow forecast

  • A 12-month cash flow forecast

  • Creating and analyzing a cash flow forecast



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