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Waste-finding Checklists for Manufacturing Companies



This is a comprehensive set of checklists for waste-finding in manufacturing companies. The checklists are based on the eight types of Lean waste:

  1. Overproduction

  2. Inventory

  3. Waiting

  4. Motion

  5. Transportation

  6. Defects

  7. Overprocessing

  8. Intellectual


Note: This package includes:

1.  Waste-finding Checklists (PowerPoint format)

2.  Waste-finding Checklists (Excel format)

3.  Eight Wastes of Lean Poster (PDF format, in color and monochrome, printable in A3 size) - FREE

The checklists have a combined total of 65 waste items which could be potentially found on the shopfloor. For each checklist item, the magnitude of waste can be quantified under four levels:

  Magnitude 0   :   No waste found
  Magnitude 1   :   Very little waste
  Magnitude 2   :   Some waste
  Magnitude 3   :   A lot of waste

Available in both PowerPoint and Excel formats, the checklists can be applied generally to all manufacturing departments. Users may adopt the checklists as they are, or customize them to suit your specific application. Add or delete the checklist items as needed.

The checklists form the basis of a structured improvement plan. Waste items can be ranked or prioritized and assigned to a person or team to develop an action plan for eliminating the identified waste within a certain timeframe.


  1. Summary of the Eight Types of Lean Waste

  2. Waste-finding Checklists

       2.1 Waste-finding Checklist: Overproduction

       2.2 Waste-finding Checklist: Inventory

       2.3 Waste-finding Checklist: Waiting

       2.4 Waste-finding Checklist: Motion

       2.5 Waste-finding Checklist: Transportation

       2.6 Waste-finding Checklist: Defects

       2.7 Waste-finding Checklist: Overprocessing

       2.8 Waste-finding Checklist: Intellectual

       2.9 Major Waste-finding Checklist

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