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Reinforce standard work, simplify work processes and strengthen labor-management relations.


Looking for a supervisor training program that can significantly boost your company's productivity and quality? Look no further than Training Within Industry (TWI), which has a long track record of success. In fact, some experts believe that TWI may be the most successful supervisor training program ever developed. 

The three TWI programs - Job Instruction (JI), Job Relations (JR) and Job Methods (JM) - were created by some of the best training and management experts in the United States. They were thoroughly tested before being released, and they have been widely adopted by companies around the world.

TWI has become an integral part of Lean, helping to reinforce the practice of standard work, simplify work processes, and strengthen labor-management relationships. Companies that have implemented TWI have reported impressive improvements, such as increased production, reduced training time, reduced scrap, and reduced labor-hours. In fact, some have reported improvements of 25% or more.

Investing in TWI training for your supervisors can help your company achieve significant gains in productivity and quality, and make a lasting impact on your bottom line.

TWI Job Instruction training in Vietnam
TWI Train-the-Trainers workshop in Singapore
TWI training in Philippines

Recommended Audience

This course is designed for any manager, supervisor, line leader and trainer wishing to gain practical know-how on the principles, process and tools of the TWI methodology to enhance Lean transformation.


  • This is an experiential workshop, which emphasises engagement, interaction and practice​

  • Participants should expect short presentations that introduce content, examples, case studies, video presentations, group activities for skills practice, and group discussions for reflection that deepens their learning

  • Hands-on practice demonstrations by participants on the TWI methods and tools.

  • Training curriculum based on the original TWI training manuals developed by the TWI Service. 

Learning Objectives

  • Job Instruction (JI): Learn how to instruct employees so they can quickly remember to do a job, correctly, safely and conscientiously.


  • Job Relations (JR): Learn how to lead employees so that problems are prevented and analytical methods are used to effectively resolve problems.


  • Job Methods (JM): Learn how to improve methods for producing greater quantities of good quality products in less time by effectively using available workforce, machines and materials. 

Workshop Outline

  • Overview and Introduction to TWI Programs

    • Brief History of TWI

    • Challenges in Production & Service Delivery

    • TWI - The Missing Link in Lean

    • What is TWI Training?

    • TWI - "The 3-Legged Stool"

    • Benefits of TWI Training

    • The TWI 4-Step Learning Process

    • Definition of a Supervisor

    • Five Needs Model for Good Supervisors

  • Job Instruction (JI)​

    • Four Steps for Job Instruction

    • Four Steps to Get Ready

    • Job Breakdown – Important Steps, Key Points & Reasons

    • Training Timetables

    • Special Instruction Problems (and how to handle them)

    • Job Instruction & Standard Work

  • Job Relations (JR)

    • Foundations for Good Relations
    • Chart on Supervisory Responsibility and the Individual

    • How Problems Arise

    • Four Steps for Job Relations

    • How to Get Feelings & Opinions

    • How to See Problems Coming

  • Job Methods (JM)

    • Four Steps for Job Methods Improvement

    • Job Breakdown Sheet

    • 5W’s & 1H

    • Eliminate, Combine, Rearrange & Simplify

    • Job Method Improvement Proposal Sheet

    • Resistance & Resentment

  • How to Implement TWI

  • Sustaining TWI

  • Summary


2 days  |   3 days   |  4 days

depending on the actual class size


The TWI training programs can be delivered individually - you can opt for any one  (e.g. JI) or two (e.g. JI + JR) programs without taking all three

Award of Certificate

Certificate of Attendance will be issued to participants who have attended at least 75% of the workshop


"After your lecture, we appointed some of them to Leaders. They worked well and organized other workers well. And this area's performance not only productivity but also safety, is better than I expected."


Plant Director,

NSG Group

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