The process approach to total quality management and improvement.


This workshop is designed to help you, as a key manager, understand how to approach quality as a company-wide effort.  You will learn how to make a commitment, plan and begin to implement systems for managing quality that integrates all the people, processes and continuous improvement initiatives together.

Based on Philip Crosby's methodology, what this workshop will discuss is not a new quality control system, but a company-wide approach to total quality.  A process for total quality must comprise Quality Management and Quality Improvement. The Total Quality Process (TQP) introduced in this workshop is based on Five Quality Principles and establishes Four Key Activities for Quality Management. 

Finally, the role of the manager will be examined so as to identify what you, personally, can do to plan the improvement process and communicate the need to change.

To manage and improve quality, a long-term commitment of time and effort will be required.  For these efforts to succeed, every employee in the company must get involved.  TQP is designed to involve every employee in your company in quality improvement efforts.

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Recommended Audience

This course is designed for all senior executives, managers and heads of departments who are responsible for making quality happen in the workplace.


Learning Objectives

  1. Explain the Principles of Quality

  2. Describe the TQP framework (“House of Quality”)

  3. Define the Four Key Activities for managing quality

  4. Explain the need for a culture change, starting at the top

  5. Demonstrate a personal commitment to total quality

  6. Explain the TQP implementation infrastructure

  7. Describe how to put the systems for TQP into motion

  8. Identify ways to sustain TQP activities

  9. Understand a manager’s role in quality improvement

Workshop Outline

  • Introduction to TQP

    • Purpose of TQP

    • Goals of Productivity

    • Benefits of Quality Management

  • Understanding the Principles of Quality

    • The Five Quality Principles

  • The TQP Framework

    • Quality Management

    • Quality Improvement

  • The Four Key Management Activities

    • Implementing TQP with the Four Key Management Activities

  • Making a Commitment

    • Total Quality Commitment Starts at the Top

  • Planning for TQP

    • Form a Quality Management Team

    • Create Quality Awareness

    • Educate Everyone

    • Prepare for Goal Setting

  • Putting Systems into Motion

    • Set up Work Process Measurements

    • Measure Quality (Cost of Quality)

    • Form Quality Action Teams for Solving Problems

    • Recognize Participation

  • Keeping it Going

    • Ensure Activities are Ongoing

    • Review and Recognize Quality Management Team’s Success

  • Management’s Role in TQP Implementation

Award of Certificate

Certificate of Attendance will be issued to participants who have attended at least 75% of the workshop


1 day


"You have taken extra efforts to align the course to our needs. Thanks so much for that. Definitely, the concepts, tools and lessons are relevant for our office."​


Cabinet Secretariat,

Royal Government of Bhutan

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