PPT: Managing Supplier Quality Audit Training Presentation
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Managing Supplier Quality Audits


The purpose of a Supplier Quality Audit is for you to verify if the supplier's quality systems, processes, or products satisfy or are in compliance with the requirements as set forth in the contractual agreements, procedures, and/or agreed upon standards.

This presentation is specially designed for professionals related to Supply Chain, Purchasing, Quality Assurance and Manufacturing Management who are responsible for managing your supplier's quality performance as well as those who are interested in developing and enhancing their personal competence and effectiveness in Supplier Quality Auditing.


Learning Objectives

  1. Acquire knowledge on the principles of management system auditing

  2. Define the objectives of supplier quality audit

  3. Describe how to plan and prepare for a supplier audit

  4. Explain the process of on-site supplier audit

  5. Describe the post-audit activity


  1. Principles of Management System Auditing

  2. Introduction and Objectives of Supplier Quality Audit

  3. Supplier Audit Planning and Preparation

  4. On-site Supplier Audit

  5. Post-audit Activities

  6. Do's and Don'ts

   Appendix - Additional Information for Supplier Audit

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